Monday, August 22, 2011

A short tribute to one of my favorite rock and roll guitarists, Mick Taylor.

One of the great mysteries of rock and roll was what events led to the departure
of lead guitarist Mick Taylor from the Rolling Stones  in 1974 after the release of the album” It’s only rock and roll.” He was all of 25 years old.
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Some say Mick and Keith conspired against him, Keith is reported to have told him he played way too loud in the studio and some of his guitar solo tracks were mysteriously erased for the “It’s only rock and roll” tapes. Remember now this was only about 4 years after the death of former band member, Brian Jones. Whatever happened, we probably will never know, but I am sure as I can be that if Mick Taylor had stayed with the band, no question, they would have been the all time greatest rock and roll band, hands down.

What a talent this young man was. The blasting riff at the beginning of “Can’t you hear me knocking?”- that’s Mick. And the long solo at the end of the song-
Mick just kept on playing and the band followed his lead. Instead of a typical 4 minute or so rock song on a typical album, it became a 7 minute classic.

Mick’s great ending solo from Can’t you hear me knocking?

But here is the song I have been listening to also today which I guess is perfect for my “black dog” mood. This appears to be the original 6 minute+ version of the Rolling Stones classic, “Time waits for no one” that Mick ends with one of my absolute all time favorite guitar solos. I am also going to put
up the youtube clip of just the solo only, it really has some wonderful photos,
like the one with Jimmy Hendricks with Mick Taylor.

First the solo.

The long version of “Time waits for no one.”

The long version which is not in any compilation cd.

Here are a few links for you to peruse and to learn more about this great talent.

This tribute site has a wealth of information all about Mick Taylor.

A page with lots of news articles about Mick

While no rock and roll historian, I know what I like. This music I love. Listen to it.
See if it doesn’t help your mood sometimes.

With all that’s going on in my life, from all the work driving bus, to the worries about the economy and our sorry assed politicians doing their utmost to run this country right into a ditch, while finishing the job of outsourcing the jobs, to the ongoing raping of the Mojave Desert, I can’t take much more.

Music like this helps me cope, before I am totally overwhelmed by despair and this “black dog.”

Maybe it will help some of you out there that happen upon this site.

Thanks for stopping by.


 A late addition. Mick on slide guitar and singing “Alabama.”


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