Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wall Street commentator loses it on the air- watch the video, see if you agree with him.

He said at the end what I have told friends, this president needs to look back to Teddy Roosevelt, for guidance.

These horrendous financial and political times are crying out for a real leader to step forward, and go around this bought and paid for political system,
before we totally come under the control of the oligarchs.

Here is the video.

Watch the whole thing, the reference to TR is near the end.

Many thanks to Dave Cohen over at the Decline of the Empire blog for turning
me on to this video.

Let me sketch out a quick historical lesson from my admittedly sketchy memory.

President Teddy Roosevelt was convinced that the Congress was bought and paid for by the powerful business trusts, sort of like the banksters and Wall Street types, and military contractors that seem to have bought our politicians today. By using the power of the presidency and the bully pulpit and acting unilaterally at times, he began actions that led to the busting of the powerful trusts, hence the word trustbuster.

In addition, in a move which has been admired to this very day, he expanded the national park system, in the west, which he loved. He didn’t give a damn about others’ opinions, he did what he felt was right, and got the approval and love of the people.

What a contrast to today, a poll for this, a poll for that, and a president who in my opinion may have sold out long ago to the moneyed interests.

But, like Mr. Ratigan, one can still dream. They can’t take your dreams away.

Contrary to some, I still believe we have a chance to take our government back.

Memo to the whitehouse from this irritated LIBERAL:

If you don’t channel your inner TR and FDR soon, if you don’t find your way out
of the clutches of your Wall Street advisers and lobbyists and other political hacks, you are finished, the democratic party as a home for LIBERALS is done-
you’ve already, by not fighting for what you promised, disaffected and demoralized your youth base, liberals, union members, and now the black population that was your most fervent source of support is finally waking up to the fact that they are being screwed by your policies more than anyone else, and they are watching their hard fought economic gains blow away
like so many leaves in a windstorm
- how long can this go on?

Folks, these beltway and wall street types have been telling the lies so long that they now believe their own bullshit they peddle, more so than their marks.

Let the bastards keep drinking their own koolaid, and hopefully get tossed out in the trash, the next election, before they totally sell out this country.

We need to standup as individuals in our own little worlds, remember to paraphrase Dr. King, “the man can’t ride your back if you standup.”


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