Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Clearing out the deadwood, and a new approach.

Two of my blogging efforts have been dispatched to the rubbish bin, good riddance. This one may join them in the round file, if my mood doesn’t improve.

The good thing about the title of this blog, the backporch, is you can pretty much talk about anything here, just like on a real porch. This site served as a home for my rants against the B.S.’ers for a long time- first time visitors I am
referring to BrightSource Energy, a company that along with Bechtel is rapidly transforming a desert wilderness into a desert wasteland, but I digress- as well
as various political and economic thoughts, etc.

I am bored and tired of city life here and it has spilled over into these pages.

What I need is a big change and it can start with a visit to the desert or mountains, of course I have to work four more days- I need a real attitude change as well.

As bad as this will sound, the desert is done in my opinion. Stick a fork in it, it
is done. I am trying to be realistic here, no more pep talks to myself, getting real as they say nowadays. D-O-N-E.

I ain’t wasting no more of my precious time trying to change something that can’t be changed, referring mainly to people’s minds, you see it took a long time to sink in, that the average person today, as in previous times, just doesn’t give a damn about the desert. It is a place to race through on the way to Vegas, or somewhere you go off roading, or someplace you sneak off to dump your trash, hell, society as a whole uses the desert for everything from dumping garbage to nukes!

I have f---ing had it with trying to change hearts and minds. If you don’t agree with me, great! Like Sisyphus, keep rolling that rock uphill, then watch it roll back down right over you. No more for me. The deal is done, the fix is in, and as I have said all along, some insiders in the so called environmental movement can get a great share of the blame for it, not that anybody else in the environmental movement gives a damn, they are too busy trying to get on the climate change bandwagon before it leaves the station.

I am not aiming this vitriol at any of my fellow bloggers who are still involved in fighting the good fight, despite the odds, paying the financial costs by now being on the outside of the new mainstream environmental groupthink now
forming, that something must be sacrificed to stop climate change, and that thing is our desert wilderness.
I salute those brave souls who care enough to continue the fight despite the costs to themselves for doing so, and
am honored that some actually carried my blog feed, a generous gesture, much appreciated by me.

As I mentioned on my now deleted Save the Mojave blog, I would like to devote
my time to documenting the desert as it remains now before the forces of the
industrialists completely steamroll their way through the remaining Mojave Desert. I am only one man, of modest means, and asked then and now for
your help. If, in your travels you pass through an unspoiled section and take a few pics, feel free to send some to me, and I will publish them here with proper
credit being given to you. Feel free to write trip reports, same thing. If you would like to set up a blog about it, email me and I will help.

I am not pissed off with you readers, it is with the greedy elites that my problem is with. I don’t have the skill set or ability to make or effect any sort of change, but I can help document what will be lost—and so can you.

Sorry for the rant.