Saturday, September 3, 2011

The silence of the Carbonmentalist lambs.

Do you hear the bleating of the lambs at night, Clarise? My how they bleat.

I see that the big news with the environmental carbonmentalist movement
are the daily arrests out along the White House fence, as renowned environmental carbonmentalist activists such as Bill Mckibbon get gently
handcuffed and taken away, to the applause of their followers.

(The sound of one hand clapping from the backporch.)

These folks are protesting the building of a pipeline which will run from the
Canadian oil tar sands, down through this country, ending in the Gulf region
I believe. Their protests, in their minds I am sure, are a noble albeit Quixotic
endeavor, one that will change very few minds in the power structure, but that
may pay real dividends in the form of new members and donations flowing into
the organizations that they are involved with, such as Mckibbon’s

That’s all fine and dandy, but I would like to bring to my readers attention one fact- to the carbonmentalists the Holy Grail is fighting climate change, and
some must sacrifice so that the planet can be saved from the change, and
the deserts of the world must be doing the sacrificing.

Where were these same folks when the bulldozers were about to be fired up at
Ivanpah and Blythe? What about when California’s own Serengeti, the Carrizo
Plain, gets its 2 gigantic solar farms that are planned and on the way? Will they
be there to try to stop the destruction?

Above is a vista from California’s Serengeti, the Carrizo Plain, soon to be home to thousands of solar panels.

Here is the simple answer, no!

Here is how I can predict that with such authority- one need look no further than the events that occurred prior to the solar farms being built here in California;all you need to know is how certain long time environmental carbonmentalist activists, well known with pedigrees as long as your arm, and highly placed within the established “old lion” environmental groups, specifically the NRDC and the Sierra Club, worked hand in hand with the renewable energy industry, and state and federal government agencies, to help
write and institute the very regulations and procedures now being used
by the renewable energy folks to pave over so many square miles of pristine desert ecosystem

And nobody cares.

No sir, the carbonmentalist lambs were silent then. And they are silent now. My
guess is they are going to continue their silence.

But they are going to milk this tar sands pipeline issue for all it’s worth. They
are going to wring the teats on that milk cow until they are bone dry. Then
they’ll move on to their next cause celebre.

In the meantime, of course, unnoticed except by a few activists and fellow desert lovers, the raping and pillaging of the southwestern deserts will continue, at a faster pace, resulting in the industrialization of those deserts at
a logarithmic scale, and destroying these last remaining wilderness ecosystems for all time; I will take a liberty here and assert that damage lasting
thousands of years equates to for all time, damage that will carry on for a hundred generations in human terms, and help further damage this planet.

The Mojave has been a lot of things to a lot of different people. It helped support the native american tribes for thousands of years- and still does- it
was home to mining operations, attempts at farming, cattle ranching, garbage dumps, nuclear bomb tests, you name it has been done- but nothing will cause
the eternal damage like these new solar and wind farms will.
021311mnptrip 016

Just a reminder that our Governor Jerry Brown recently remarked that the desert tortoises will have shade(under the
solar panels), no mention was made that a)the tortoises are fenced out and b) look up in that photo, do you see any food
in that picture? God, what a jackass that guy is!

This damage, these eye sores, most of which will probably not withstand the ravages of the desert sun, wind, and sand, will have a long lasting effect- especially on the plant and animal species that now thrive there, or are attempting to make a comeback, species such as the desert tortoise- now you know who not to listen to or to send a donation to, the next time these carbonmentalist organizations send you a pitch letter- just pitch it, right into the
trash can.

Remember, someone or something must be sacrificed to save the planet
from the ravages of global warming and climate change, the carbonmentalists
have made good and damned sure that it will be the deserts.

“baaaaaaa, baaaaaaaaa.”

The silence of the carbonmentalist lambs as the desert gets raped, is truly overwhelming.