Thursday, September 1, 2011

So you been working and acquired some seniority and make more money than most? You better read this post.

Good luck, for you are about to be well and truly screwed.

A real pay cut is in your future if the bosses have their way. How much of
a cut? Let’s just say be prepared to get by on what someone with 2 years on the job makes.

You say they can’t do it? You think that they wouldn’t dare to take such a drastic step? You feel like that would be so bad for morale that the bosses won’t do it?

I understand why you might think that, as that is the way it has been since the New Deal. The advantages gained by older and experienced workers are so
obvious that I am not even bothering to list them. In addition, management types nowadays, fresh from business schools seem to know it all, and wouldn’t
listen to reason anyway.

A prominent business consulting firm to the Fortune 500 companies has finally found the Holy Grail of cost saving measures, they have finally dared to think the unthinkable, and have concluded that by big business cutting pay to senior workers, to achieve parity with 2 year workers, the big corporations can
slash their labor costs another 15-20%!

I am not making this stuff up folks. Go read the link below:

A Tip for Joe the Machinist: Watch Your Back

I don’t know how much more of this shit sandwich we working folks are expected to eat. And don’t forget that after eating the shit sandwich, we are expected to bow and scrape, do a Stepin Fetchit routine, thanking Massa
for that shit sandwich we could barely gag down.

I don’t know about you readers, but I am about ready to tell Massa to stick that
damned shit sandwich where the sun don’t shine, you dig?

Enough of my feelings, what are the chances that this could happen nowadays
in this Great Recession? Pretty damned good in my opinion.

Who is going to stop them? Union membership is down to around 8 or 9% of
the workforce, they are on the run, from the republicans and blue dog democrats, and the old divide and conquer strategy is working just as well as it always has worked for the elites of this nation. You think the average person is going to say anything on someone else’s behalf? Ain’t gonna happen, folks.

If you are a working man or woman, I would like you to get up now from your computer and walk over to a mirror- go ahead, I’ll wait- what do you see?

The new American slave class, that’s exactly what you are looking at, a slave
putting in his and her time, making the bosses rich, with no future except a life of hard work ahead, and getting paid very little for doing it. The game is rigged
and there is no hope of changing the rules, not with bought and paid for legislators, judges, and presidents and governors.

Unless the people wake up from their tv induced slumber and take real notice of what is going on, and have the courage to act, this society and nation is doomed- a nation of  obscenely rich parasites, being supported by hundreds of millions of slaves and serfs- is that a place you want to live in?

Welcome to modern day Amerika, is this a great country or what?