Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another useless post(trying to keep it real)

Same old subject(problem) for the umpteenth time.

Writer’s block issues brought on primarily by the requirement to make a living,
or balancing blogging for free with the need to keep living in southern California, as in having a roof over my head instead of becoming one of the many mobile homeless you see here in my area.

Last week I worked 60 hours in 5 days and this week about 50-54 hours in the same amount of time, half of which I was handling luggage. The problem is
the hours change daily, for example, putting in a 15 hour shift ending around
2 in the morning and then coming back in 8 hours to do 12 more. It doesn’t leave much time and you end up spending your whole 1st day off resting.

In my case, on the 2nd day off I like to go drive somewhere and of course that means no blogging because the next day I may be getting up at 4 in the morning to do an airport run and I won’t feel like staying up late to write.

That is why I haven’t been doing much with these pages or anything else in my personal life for that matter- pardon my vernacular here, but sometimes I feel
that I have barely enough time to wipe my arse- sorry I couldn’t resist that pun.

Another thing is that I have become pretty lazy when I am not working at my day job, I really feel just like reading other bloggers work, let them do the work, and enjoy their writing.

I have spent hours today trying to make programs work which will strip the audio from Youtube music videos and save it as mp3 files and finally thanks to Free Audio Converter I have successfully did the conversion to the new mp4a
standard and sent them to my iTunes library and now am listening to them- see
more wasted time, not spent writing here.

To the other bloggers and websites that carry the feed to this blog, thanks for
letting my link hang out on your page, but you might want to cut me off, I can’t
guarantee any future posting of any serious nature; hell, I can’t believe I ever wrote as many posts as I did, considering how the touch seems to have deserted me now. Thanks again for the time you so graciously offered, one and all.

No promises but I do hope to post again soon.


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