Saturday, October 29, 2011

From the San Jose Mercury News: “Huge solar power plants are blooming in California’s southern deserts.”

Read the article but stay on this page or return for the commentary.

My first thought upon seeing the title was that it was an unfortunate choice of
words, using blooming which suggests those lovely desert flower displays that
appear so fleetingly after the rains, to describe the proliferation of these absolutely humongous power “plants” which like another pest that I am familiar with, kudzu, are taking over the once pristine Mojave Desert.

If I were to have written the article perhaps I might have used blooming in the sense that they bloom like the corpse flower  with a long lasting rotten dead meat smell that would make a buzzard hurl upon smelling it, said smell so ripe
and overwhelming that no one or no thing could stand to be around them, which is the literal truth when you consider the great lengths the energy promoters go to in scraping the earth bare, packing it down with herbicides, etc, building out their monstrous gadgets, then fencing it all in, after disposing of the plants and animals within, in a manner so state of the art that Homeland Security is green with envy.
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Here is a photo from the slide show accompanying the article that I have a bone to pick with. The average person reading this would probably think “kudos to BrightSource Energy for using low impact methods combined with mowing the vegetation so that this new solar energy generating plant can co-exist with all of nature’s creatures.” Right? Well they are wrong.

In fact, nothing can be further from the truth. BrightSource has spent millions, as mentioned in the article, to locate all the desert tortoises, and move them to other areas ultimately, and will also purchase land elsewhere to “mitigate” the damage caused by their power plant, taking them from one of the finest tortoise habitats available in the whole desert. By the way, did you hear that one area that they propose to buy for mitigation, is higher up in altitude and that there are hardly any there? Perhaps they think that as the climate heats up, the tortoises will pack up their belongings and march right up there- I swear you can’t make this stuff up folks.

So let me make sure that I get this- the B.S.’er’s are fencing in the whole site with state of the art materials to keep all the animals out and they are only mowing etc on the inside- if it’s that easy on the local environment, then why get rid of all the animals in the first place, why not let them co-exist with this
benign, green, power plant?

In case you haven’t seen it, here is a video which shows a B.S./Bechtel worker
mowing transplanting a hundreds of years old yucca which the company promised to keep safe, per their own documents filed with the CEC. Does this look like the way to transplant something?

Warning extreme violence in this video!

There are some good quotes in the article from folks who have been involved in
fight to save the deserts from the get go, and there is a perspective from one of the workers, who says he is making 35 bucks an hour, which illustrates a point that I have made many times here at this little blog, the bottom line for folks is money and J-O-B-S and not saving the desert, I know this to be true and it hurts me to know that hardly anyone except for a few activists and fellow desert lovers give a damn about saving the deserts, and it has been my contention all along that efforts designed to save the deserts better show the average person who gets all their news from Rush and Fox News, how an alternative would offer up plenty of local and high paying J-O-B-S, and then maybe some traction could be gained to try to stop the runaway freight train that is renewable energy development from totally trashing our deserts---

I guess that I had better stop now before I go on and start trashing the “so called environmental groups” charged with saving wilderness, who in fact are in bed with the other side, aiding and abetting those who wish to carpet bomb the deserts with turbines and windmills, all because of their carbonmentalist
beliefs that the only way to stop global warming and climate change is to sacrifice wilderness, and the desert will be the sacrificial lamb, by building all these plants, while at the same time, still allowing the gross polluters to keep on keeping on, doing what they do best, spewing ton after ton of carbon into the atmosphere, with hardly a wrist slap, said groups taking big fat corporate donations all the while from the polluters; I had better stop now, before I get accused of peddling smut, it sounds so damned indecent, but it is all true, in
my opinion.

Read it and weep, if you give a damn.


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