Sunday, November 27, 2011

Amazing how fast you can lose your inspiration.

While out in the Mojave National Preserve a week ago, it seemed that there
were lots of things to blog about. Something about being out in those wide
open spaces with nobody tailgating my car, or being out in the wilderness
with no one else around, it just seemed like it would go on forever- now I can
see how people like Ed Abbey could be inspired to pick up pen and paper
and try to express to the rest of us just how much it meant to them and to humanity to spend time in wilderness.

And how valuable it is to man, that we still have wilderness to go to.

It really was great while it lasted. While alone the whole time, I never felt lonely.

Now I am back in the great southern California megalopolis and not only am I
feeling lonely sometimes(with all this humanity breathing down my neck) but I
am also seeing the reawakening of my old issue, writer’s block.

So if there is a paucity of posts, you know why.

An interesting thing happened the other day. While wrapping up at Hometown Buffet, I focused on the music they were playing before I got up to leave. This
has to be one of the best 5 songs in a row that I have ever heard, played in the order that were.

First up was Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing.”

A great start to a songlist.

Second up was the BeeGee’s 1979 hit “Inside and Out.”

I love these guys.

Next was “Oh, what a night!” This was by the Four Seasons and the lead vocals
were not done by Frankie Valli, but by the drummer, Gerry Polci.

Always one of my favorites.

Followed by Paul McCartney’s “Junior’s Farm.”

Great version!

Last up was Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes “The love I lost.”

What a way to end a songlist!

Wow, what a group of songs and the order played was just perfect, especially for my mood at the time. Hope you guys don’t mind me sharing.


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