Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Press Enterprise article on the replacement cross, 11/15/2011.

The article can be found here.

Dug Begley is one of the reporters that I met last year when the cross theft
was discovered, I showed him and Bill Lewis, also of the Press- Enterprise,
how to get atop Sunrise Rock at that time. Both were very professional and
when I found the replacement cross up Monday, I called Dug right away, once
I drove to where I could get a cell signal of course!
mojavecross 009

Above Dug Begley,back to camera, and Bill Lewis, precariously perched atop Sunrise Rock, looking at the base of
the stolen Mojave Cross, May 2010. Photo by Morongobill 2010.

A story should be coming from the Las Vegas Review- Journal as well today or
tomorrow and of course I will put that link up also.

Thanks Dug for letting your readership know about this. And also thanks to your co-writer, RICHARD K. De ATLEY , who I have not had the pleasure of meeting.



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