Friday, November 18, 2011

Big shakeup at the Sierra Club, carbonmentalist-in-chief, Carl Pope leaving, disciple Michael Brune taking over!

Boy, when I heard this news there was a resounding cheer that went out from the backporch. I am surprised that it wasn’t heard up in San Francisco at the
Sierra Club’s(solar panel free)rooftop on their national headquarters building!
Of course, it was a very short cheer, because reality quickly set in after reading
down the computer screen a little further and discovering the elevation of the
#2 carbonmentalist, Michael Brune, to be Carl Pope’s successor.

Some of you may be new to this blog, and may be wondering what a carbonmentalist is and why do I seem to be anti-Sierra Club which most people feel is one of the pre-eminent environmental/conservation groups, here in this country, as well as the world. And in particular why am I so anti- Pope and Brune.

It is a long story, I won’t delve too deep in the whole sordid mess, there are many, many posts in this blog devoted to the over-riding issues. But I will give
the bottom line.

First, I define a carbonmentalist as someone who believes so strongly in global
warming and climate change theory, that we must reduce carbon emissions
right now, no delays, don’t waste too much time doing environmental impact reports, never mind the small details, get all those giant wind and
solar plants built out in the pristine wildernesses, regardless of how many rare plant and animal species are bladed under. We can’t do all the things the activists want, there is no time to waste. Don’t they know the planet is heating up?

To quote Carl Pope,”If we don't save the planet, there won't be any tortoises left to save.”

To that end, the Sierra Club pretty much sat on its’ hands, in the view of myself
and others, while the decision was being made to steamroll over objections,
and to build the BrightSource/Bechtel Ivanpah SEGS solar power plant near
Primm, Nevada- forever dooming the northern end of the beautiful and ecologically important Ivanpah Valley to rampant industrialization and dooming
the endangered plant and animal species within, in human terms, for over a
hundred generations. The land may never recover.
111411mojavecross 026

Now, of course, another giant plant will go in next door to the rapidly growing Ivanpah SEGS, a part of which is shown above, along with 2 more giant solar
plants across the valley and a dry lake bed, as well as a high speed rail project, and possibly an airport a few years from now.

It is my deeply held belief that if the Sierra Club had filed a legal objection
to this project before the construction began, way before, these plants might not have been built and this strategic legal move might have forced
the industrialists and their backers, including everyone from President
Obama on down to the lowest level worker in the BLM, to go back to
square one, and really give local, rooftop solar and installations on degraded lands near the cities, of which there are hundreds of thousands of acres, a chance.

Why pave over wilderness when you can utilize all those rooftops cheaply, like
Walmart and other big companies are doing? I might not agree with a lot that Walmart does, but one thing for sure is they know how to make money and they squeeze a dollar bill so hard that the eagle cries and begs for mercy! But
that matters not a whit with the ruling class at today’s Sierra Club. No sir!

I said it here before and I will say it again, John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, must still be spinning in his grave in dismay at what these men and their ilk have done to his beloved Sierra Club!

But fear not, ye carbonmentalists. Even though your new leader says he is bringing changes, and is already trashing Pope for the Clorox greenwashing
deal of 2008, saying the contract will not be renewed, said contract pushed through by Pope over the objections of the grassroot activists that are the backbone of the club, you can take this to the bank:

I predict that under Brune, big donations will still come in from the corporate donors, the club will still follow Pope’s lead, after all Brune’s
number one priority is his stop new coal fired plants initiative, you will
not be able to stop these plants without a large influx of power generation from somewhere else, and since the government and the giant utility companies are so hung up on maintaining the top down, central
power generating model, there will be many more of these giant desert plants getting built, and I predict the Sierra Club will not take any meaningful steps to take them on, and save the wilderness from further

I think I have made my feelings clear about this so called change- there won’t
be any real change, but don’t believe me- look around and see for yourself
if I am off the deep end with this.

I will leave you with a few news links about this “change in leadership.”

Sierra club leader departs amid discontent over group's direction
This headline does give me heart.

Just a few of the soon to be many news stories about this change in leadership
at the Sierra Club.

Hope to see you again soon on the backporch.



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