Monday, November 14, 2011

The mysterious reappearance of the Mojave Cross and thoughts on perhaps that it is time to Occupy Sunrise Rock. Exclusive photos and videos taken today 11/14/2011.

 May 16, 2012- Folks, the videos below do not work, so I am going to put the links below, in the order the videos are in, for you to see them over at my new video server, Vimeo Plus.

Forget what I said folks about this blog ending, this red hot news and story
needs to be told now. The photographs and videos will be large size and
may be reused if you give credit to

This is my first real day of vacation, and it is ironic here I am working again instead of hiking. My day’s plan was to ride up to Horsethief Springs in the Kingston Range Wilderness Area and then to ride down to the Mojave National Preserve and hike the Teutonia Peak Trail. When I got out of my car, parked at
the trailhead, I knew instantly that those plans were dashed by what I saw. Here is a very poor quality video taken at that spot across and down the road from Sunrise Rock.

What a surprise to see that cross atop Sunrise Rock today!

While I am waiting for the other videos to upload, here are a few photos taken
today of the cross and Sunrise Rock.
111411mojavecross 067

The view near the Cima Road, these photos taken around 12- 1 pm.
111411mojavecross 064
Long may it stand.
111411mojavecross 047
I noticed it gently moving in the wind which prompted me to climb up and investigate.
111411mojavecross 050
I know this is a replacement cross put up by a 3rd party, I am sure, the original was iron pipe filled with poured
concrete, this one is pvc. See below for the photo of the installation.
111411mojavecross 051
Very nicely machined steel plate, possibly the bolts don’t line up with the holes in the base, hence it is held down by
the one nut. Unfortunately this will enable the National Park Service to easily remove it. Their position is only parties in the legal action can replace the original.
Here are 4 more videos, large file sizes, and the quality may not be the best, I
am dealing with my benign essential tremor today by downing lots of caffeine Winking smile

The view of Sunrise Rock today from Cima Road.
I decide to climb up and look at the new cross.
View from atop Sunrise Rock.
This video is from atop SUNRISE ROCK.
There it is in video and photographs. The Mojave Cross is back in place atop
Sunrise Rock, doing its’ duty which was, is, and always will be- to honor our
dead servicemen from World War One, the war to end all wars, and in particular, for those from this area. May their valor and sacrifice never be forgotten.

But this cross is in danger, by the time you read this it may already be gone from its’ honored location, taken down by the NPS for “legal reasons.”
That is why I think that this location, Sunrise Rock, should be added to the
Occupy movement. Unless this is a temporary cross put up by the litigants,
which I really doubt because I heard they wanted to put up one like the original,
this cross will be removed. Young people and others are involved with the biggest struggle in generations to effect change in this country and the world;
I believe the veterans, the faithful, those who don’t look upon this cross as a symbol of divisiveness but as one which represents the best of humanity and as an example of His Love for us, that he would sacrifice the Son that we will
have a second chance at redemption- here is a chance to shape events, to lead, to set an example- that we will not our ancestor’s memory to be dishonored, but that people of good will will act, and secure that memory, so
that their struggle and death will never be forgotten.

It seems to me that people of good will and faith are making a stand by placing this cross back up, this replacement cross. Last time it was done in the middle of the night, and was subsequently taken down by the park service.
I say put it up in the daylight, let them know you are coming and what you
plan to do. Remember the litigation refers to a private group taking ownership of this plot of land, and they are for a cross going up. Maybe I am wrong, but private landholders can have someone arrested for trespassing if they so desire. It is their decision.

This is sacred ground, in a jewel of the park service, the Mojave National Preserve, and I am not saying that we need to put a 100 tents up here. But why not have people of all backgrounds, faiths, political persuasions- all be
there holding hands and linked in a human chain around Sunrise Rock as someone hoists up the next cross- just keep doing it until the other side finally gives up.

The thief who stole the cross came in the middle of the night, it should be saved in the daytime or the next one put up again in a solemn ceremony befitting the occasion, in broad daylight.
That’s the way I see it out here on the backporch!

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