Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mojave National Preserve visit coming soon!

Actually it can’t come soon enough to suit me. The plan is to take 5 days off
and when you add the bookend weekends, I will have 9 straight days off in a
row. I think that will give me plenty of time to spend within the confines of the
Mojave National Preserve.

Lately my job as a bus driver in the Disneyland area of southern California has
been much busier than normal with lots of hours and lots of heavy luggage
involved. Consequently there has been a big reduction in posting here on this
blog. Fourteen hour days followed by eight hours off, then another twelve hour day does not go with maintaining a blog, as I have found out.

Once this little mini- vacation begins, I hope to post photos and a trip report everyday, it should begin Sunday, November 13 and end on Monday, November 21st, with 5 days or so planned for the preserve. My usual practice is
to stay at one of the hotels near stateline, which means I will have to view the
Ivanpah SEGS site everyday, twice a day, as I venture to and from the MNP.

About the only ironclad plan that I have made will be to try to sit out on the backporch and catch a sunrise photo which I will post here, so stay tuned. Primarily, this visit is intended to offer me a chance to reconnect with the desert
wilderness, one that hopefully will remain heliostat and turbine free into perpetuity.

Of course, one should never doubt the ability of this administration to cast aside
all regulations and laws that might stand in the way of proliferation of wind turbines and solar panels on our public lands.

The lengths this administration and its’ allies will go to in pushing their carbon-
mentalist agenda
never cease to amaze this blogger.

There are a few little ideas that I have for this visit- reclimbing the Teutonia Peak and revisiting the site of the missing Mojave Cross, the Vulcan Mine site
and Kelso Dunes, Bert Smith’s rockhouse, possibly even Mitchell Caverns- as
their little radio station near Baker proclaims, “you could spend several lifetimes
exploring this area.”

Of course, all will be documented this trip on these pages.

If any of my readers are in the area during that time, feel free to contact me: if you are interested in riding out with me on one
of these little excursions, it won’t cost anything but a little of your time Smile

It is my goal that the trip will reinvigorate my blog also, and will lead to a little
more writing on my end, we will see.

Thanks for dropping in here at the backporch, hope to see you out on the road.


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