Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Revisit to the base of Mt. San Jacinto near the windmills. Big surprise found up the hill. Part I.

This will be a pictorial with some comments under a few of the pictures. These
were taken yesterday while hiking close to where Hwy 111 and I-10 meet, at the last windmills to the right prior to the junction, in the Palm Springs area of
southern California.

The temperature was mid 70’s with very little wind. It was a perfect day for desert hiking, hill climbing, and exploration!
11282011pshike 048

Looking out over the wind “farm.”
11282011pshike 050

Long dead junipers adorn the steep hillside.
11282011pshike 008

Animal tracks were all over the sandy wash area and in the many animal paths.
11282011pshike 108

Looks like a cloven hoof, the walking stick base is in the photo to provide some sense of scale.
11282011pshike 006

A typical animal path or trail.

What happened? I have to shut this down and head off to the bus yard asap.
I will post more later today or tomorrow.

Here is a teaser photo.
11282011pshike 089


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