Thursday, November 17, 2011

With a heavy heart and huge sense of loss, I must say that we have lost…. the Flying J Big Dog is no more!

Something that kept me going many a day and that motivated me when nothing
else would. Some may think that I am making too much of a minor thing, but
put yourselves in my shoes. Go out and hike in the desert heat, sweating rivers,
stomach growling like a hungry bear’s- wouldn’t you want to try a little of this?
ivanpahfieldtrip 042

What you are looking at is the now extinct Flying J Big Dog which has
been axed by their corporate office, probably by the bean counters. Today I
received this horrible news at the deli counter at the Barstow Flying J.

For those of you have never tried cuisine a la truckstop, this was at the top of
the taste pyramid, and a huge value at around $3.50 or so. This gargantuan
sized all beef hotdog was wrapped in a dough which was lavishly brushed with
garlic butter and baked(or broiled, I am no cook) and was always waiting to satisfy the most, dare I say, vigorous appetites. I liked it with Sioux City Sarsaparilla or an Arnold Palmer Half and Half(half tea and half lemonade)-
this combination while possibly leading to my gaining an ounce or two, was
always my taste champion!

Even though I must go through a grieving process, that may turn to anger soon. I believe I know why they did this. Let me clue you in, okay? I had to eat something so I got a double cheeseburger from their deli case and a 20 ounce coke, total $6.60. If I had got a Big Dog and the same drink, it would have been
a dollar less. Plus they took out their restaurant and put in a Denny’s instead. They are gentrifying the place- no more stuff truckers and bus drivers might like, oh no! We have to stock what the Volvo and minivan driving crowd wants!

That’s how I see it out on the backporch.

Feel free to disagree or agree via the comment section below. Thanks for dropping in for a visit out here at this little hot dog stand on the web.


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