Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A ride up to Horsethief Springs and a surprising discovery!

Technically my first full day of vacation was Sunday and I used that as a travel day to get to my hotel at Jean, Nevada- yes I decided to give the Goldstrike Hotel and Casino another chance, and I am glad that I did. Spacious, quiet room with no problems, and a bus driver rate- 4 days and only $108 charged to my credit card. Hurray!

Monday was the day that I discovered the Mojave Cross back up, but prior to that I made a very enjoyable ride about 28 miles north up Cima Road to the Kingston Range Wilderness, destination Horsethief Springs.
111411mojavecross 028

The road is not maintained by San Bernardino County so unless you have a
truck or other such heavy duty vehicle, you might want to take your time, 40
mph or less, watching out for the potholes and washes running across the road.
111411mojavecross 029

The road up to Horsethief Springs and right up to the pass about a mile or so
farther is passable by passenger car, once you get to the mine stamping ruins on the right, the road becomes filled with large rocks, I would continue on only with a truck or suv type vehicle.

Here is the view as you get to the springs.
111411mojavecross 032

Those cottonwood trees you spy around the curve are by the springs. There is also a ranch house there in a beautiful location.
111411mojavecross 038

Looking down the hill at the ranch house snuggled in with the trees, what an awesome place to have lived and worked!
111411mojavecross 040
There is the surprise that I told you about, more in a minute.
111411mojavecross 033

The kiosk above may be new. Also further up the road after you crest the hill, the BLM has completely fenced off the right
side of the road, the Pahrunp Valley side. Probably to prevent what I found down the road as I went around the bend.
111411mojavecross 043

Those guys were in the road, if I had flying downhill, I would have no option except to hit the cows or go off the embankment for a steep drop on the right side. Drive slowly and carefully up Cima Road when you cross a cattle guard, they are there because this is open range country.
111411mojavecross 044

The exact spot where I took the cow photos.

The big news of this ride was the renovation that appears to be going on by
the BLM of the ranch house at Horsethief Springs. There were trucks there and you could see and hear the workers inside. They had new tin roofing up on the
roof on the side facing uphill and were redoing the inside it appeared. I also
noted the BLM fencing and a picnic table along with another kiosk and a vault toilet down the hill less than a mile from the house, where the hiking trail is. These are new to me, I haven’t been up here in at least 3 years, and are a welcome improvement, perhaps leading to a few more visitors.

Here is a video as I drove up to the springs, you come around a bend and there it is. Check out the view as I drive the Morongomobile over a cattle guard,
that is the view a cow sees and it scares them and they won’t cross one.

What a scenic area!

Folks I hope you enjoyed this post. I will put more video up on my youtube channel as time becomes available, just click on that youtube logo above and
it will take you to my channel there.

I am out of this hotel room and heading back to the Mojave National Preserve
where I hope to try to climb up one of the famous Kelso Dunes! So stay tuned, I will try to have another post up tonight. Here is a preview of coming attractions. This photo shows exactly how far I made it up Kessler Peak before turning around.
11152011mojavecrossgone 011

Hope to see you out on the backporch again real soon.



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