Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mojave Cross removed again around noon today, viewed by me from around a mile away on the side of Kessler Peak. Large pics enclosed. More later after I get back back from Kelso Depot, Mojave National Preserve!

This bad feeling came over me after I parked my car this morning and took this photograph, the one where you are just waiting for the shoe to drop, HARD, you dig?
11152011mojavecrossgone 001

My plan was to hike over to Kessler Peak and go up as far as I could, I took
this photograph from almost a mile away, my guess, which I took after seeing a truck pull up to Sunrise Rock way in the distance.
11152011mojavecrossgone 015

I took 2 photos this was the least shaky. If anyone can sharpen or enlarge this, please contact me and I will send the original to you.

This sight greeted me as I walked back to the area, and I knew in my heart, what had transpired as I was all that distance from the area, across all that blackbrush, yuccas, etc.
11152011mojavecrossgone 018

Gone, as they say, got away clean as a chitlin!
11152011mojavecrossgone 021

A view from the rocks below, and the ones after from back atop Sunrise Rock.
11152011mojavecrossgone 023

The crossnapper just screwed the pcv pipe right off the threads.
11152011mojavecrossgone 022

Final shot below, trust me, I will have more to say on this matter tonight, after I make a courtesy call upon the NPS at Kelso Depot in about an hour.
11152011mojavecrossgone 026

I also took video which I will have to shrink and will do my best to put up here tonight as well. Late addition on 11/16 am, here is a video done when I got
back to Sunrise Rock right after it was removed. I was the first person on the scene.

View from atop Sunrise Rock after the crossnapping!

I feel pretty much gutshot right now, even though I was sure this was coming.

If anyone has media ties, feel free to forward these posts to them.

Sorry no time to proof this.


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