Thursday, November 10, 2011

Turn out the lights, lock the backdoor. Plus some thoughts on the huge increase in atmospheric carbon and what it means for the deserts of the southwest.

By now it is obvious to all that updates and new posts are getting scarce out
here on the backporch. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, as the old
saying goes. Hoping against hope, trying to restart the writing pen which seems to have dried up, just isn’t working for me.

The times that posts were flying around fast and updates were often, was also
a time when work was slow, with plenty of time to kill, and no money to do anything else, might as well try writing. It sure seemed like a good idea at the time.

This blog began at the beginning of 2010 after I went on partial unemployment, which was about the time the bottom fell out from under the bus business. It isn’t robust right now by any means, but there is more work and therefor a lot less time or energy for other things besides resting up for the day’s bread earning.

I would be lying if events that have transpired regarding the plowing over of the
deserts to build solar and wind farms- if those happenings out there didn’t affect my morale- if I didn’t admit to it- I confess- the ongoing negativity and
bad feelings from the just beginning destruction out there, are like a cancer almost, eating away at me inside, I have to take a vacation from it- period.

So the backporch in its’ current form is finished, there will be no further updates
here in this forum.

The backporch will be back as a website, I have just about settled on a host with an easy, no html, cut- and- paste type approach, and it will be less negative and more positive in its’ outlook. Issues regarding desert destruction
will be in their own section, as well as other more controversial issues.

My vision is a site devoted to remembrance of the deserts as they are now, and
have been, and not as I fear, they will be. I am sorry, I just can’t keep mining that particular vein, it is just too much for me.

You have to know your limitations, I reached mine long ago with that particular
issue. But I will leave you with final thoughts and a prophecy.

The other day it was reported that the carbon emissions made a humongous leap upwards, by over 500 million metric tons last year, 3/5’s of which came from China, the USA, and India- I read that and knew immediately what the article really stood for, it was a long awaited arrow for the carbonmentalist quiver and could only be interpreted as the death knell for the southwestern deserts.

We ain’t seen nuthin yet.

No matter where it happened or how, this carbon increase will only be bad news for our side and fantastic news for the carbonmentalists. All their machinery is in place: compliant, dare I say, eager bureaucrats in the government, industry, and amongst the environmental groups, chomping at
the bit to get at the cheap federal land, to blade over everything to put up
these monstrous gadgets to catch the sun and the wind, supposedly in an effort to offset carbon going into the air from dirty coal, etc; completely ignoring the common sense facts that millions of rooftops and millions of acres of degraded and brown lands are there for the placing of wisely sited similar devices which obviates the need to place them way the hell out in the middle of nowhere, oh no, they got to listen to their big utility masters who want it done a certain way, their way, so that they can keep control in their hands, as it has been for over a century!

The pressure will be overwhelming, way too much for our delicate politicians to
resist, why eat rubber chicken dinners at a supporter’s house, when they can go to dinner with a lobbyist from Big Solar or Big environmental groups, and get a whole big bundle of cash and checks, all legal under our system(hats off to Jack Abramoff for finally cluing us in on how it works)-
so that they continue their new carbonmentalist faith and beliefs-

let me explain something right now, in case there is any doubt, I do not object
to carbon theory, to global warming, and to climate change theory. I believe there is something to it; hell where there is smoke, usually you will find a fire, but having said that, why do we have to sacrifice our wilderness to fight it, when such an obvious solution is available in our rooftops, for starters.

Follow the money folks, follow the money. The only reason these projects are having a snowballs chance in hell getting built, is due to the feds pouring
your money into them, that’s the only reason. That’s why the big Wall Street banks are, after all these decades, finally interested.


So folks, this is it, the end of the line.

Thanks to all who have stopped by for a cup of joe( possibly spiced up with a
slug of Black Jack Daniels or Jim Beam) reading or commenting, I am humbled
and so honored that you spent some time with me out here on the backporch-
those that helped me find my way starting out on this short hike, you know who you are, I thank you for extending this old guy a welcoming hand, and hope to tell you face to face one day how much it meant to me, and to one and all-

vaya con dios, mi amigos.

My new site will be up in a few weeks at morongobillsbackporch dot com, I look forward to our meeting up again soon in the new venue.


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