Tuesday, November 15, 2011

As suspected here on the backporch, the “new” Mojave Cross was taken down by the National Park Service today around noon time.

Verified during a phone interview of me by a reporter from the Las Vegas Review- Journal plus by face-to-face meeting with a park ranger down at
Kelso Depot, where I went to try and meet with a media officer, unfortunately
that person works in Barstow, at least a hundred miles from Kelso.

The official reason given for the Mojave Cross being taken down, was that they have to comply with a court order requiring said action when they find one put up on Sunrise Rock. Only a party to the litigation is allowed to do that at this time.

So as I suspected, an outsider put this one up, probably Sunday night, and once it was discovered, it had to be removed to comply with a court order.

Well, this is a major disappointment to me and others who support the Cross
being there. But speaking for myself only, these folks have a job to do, they work for the federal government, and when a federal court judge says do something, you had better do it. You don’t make it very far in a bureaucracy
when you defy a judge. In this day of hard economic times, I have no quarrel
with the folks running the Mojave National Preserve.

Just to update all my visitors, I contacted a couple of newspapers with this information, the Las Vegas paper as mentioned earlier, as well as the Riverside Press Enterprise. I also called KNBC4LA and tried to get ahold of the lady there
who interviewed me last year at Sunrise Rock, but she no longer works with them. I never heard back from the station.

Since the Veterans for Foreign Wars and the Liberty Institute were really working to keep the Cross up, I tried to contact them as well. I had exactly no
luck getting through to a young woman at Liberty and ended the call, the VFW
was a little easier and I got someone higher up and emailed them the information as well. I also said they might want to forward it to Liberty.

Sometimes events happen and you can let them happen, or if you believe in the cause, you can try to shape events in your own small way. I chose the latter pathway.

I stand by what I wrote yesterday. I firmly believe that the next person or group that puts a cross up on Sunrise Rock- whether it be a veteran, or a Christian, or
someone who perhaps lost a great- grandfather in the Great War, should not come in the night; but in the daytime, accompanied by others, all determined to honor those men, who long ago gave that last final measure of devotion to the country and for their home and family, dying alone in agony on a battlefield
so far from their loved ones- that these brave men should be remembered, so that we can learn from them and their example- and take from this the strength
to say no more war, no more hate, to do unto others as we would have it done to ourselves, as the Good Book counsels, and to always understand that to know where you are going, you first must know from who and what you came from.

These brave men that this old rugged Cross symbolizes are worthy, and they deserve this memorial, this Latin Cross.

I am not worthy to try to make this case to the people, there are many much more qualified than I to do so. But it is in my heart and on my mind, and I just
had to share it.

I leave you with a video that I made today. Again my apologies for the poor quality. This was my favorite moment of the day, when to my surprise and delight, I saw the Cross was still standing.

A great start to the day!

If only it had stayed up……


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