Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Never made it to the Kelso Dunes today, instead an attempt at Teutonia Peak. Plus some photos- far away- of Ivanpah SEGS.

With a noticeable lack of success, I must add, to both topics in the title.

But that’s okay, I had fun, just didn’t have any stamina in my legs, most likely
from attempting the climb up Kessler Peak across the way yesterday. I made to the point where the trail starts going up at a steep grade, with the rock steps
that look like they have been cut out.

Once I saw this spot, the day pack came off, and was dropped on a big rock and then I plopped down as well.
11162011mnp 017

How about the yucca growing together there alongside a juniper tree?
11162011mnp 019

Unfortunately I had to stand up to take this photo, the only thing missing was my big hiking stick.
11162011mnp 022

I have read online that the juniper berries are used to make Gin, so I crushed one and smelled it. It does smell a little
like Gin.
11162011mnp 027

There was a tiny ground squirrel sunning himself on this boulder, left side of the top part near the edge.
11162011mnp 013

The view from my shady spot looking out to the right end of Kessler Peak with the New York Mountains rising up way
in the distance. Mojave National Preserve, near Sunrise Rock, Cima, California.

Dear readers, contrast that view in the above photograph with a couple that
I took earlier this day. Yes, I am about to show you the latest landscape
photographs of the rapidly industrializing Ivanpah Valley, and yes, you are
right to immediately start thinking BrightSource/ Bechtel!
11162011mnp 004

From the vantage point near the I-15/ Nipton Road exit(west) you can see the huge expense expanse of Solar One
in the foreground, note this is only 1/2 of it as the rightside is cut off. Note the tower going up, soon it will be as tall as the sacred metamorphic hill in the background. To the immediate left is Solar Two’s tower in construction, and far left and up is the beginning of Solar Three I believe.
11162011mnp 003

Another photo from the same general location which shows more of Solar One. This is from about 2 miles or so away.
11162011mnp 007

This photo was taken roadside less than 1/3 mile from Nipton, what, about 6 or 7 miles away at least? Note how the Ivanpah SEGS site dominates the whole Ivanpah Valley there, and they haven’t even attached the mirrors to the poles or completed the tower yet, on just the first unit.

You know I thought that I was forgetting something. I made a little video while
I was taking a break alongside the Teutonia Peak trail today. Check it out, will you?

What an idyllic spot to kick back off the trail!


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