Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ever view a photograph that makes you wish that you could walk right into it?

Every now and then you come across a photograph that due to the subject or the lighting, really strikes a chord within your soul- may I present such a photo
today courtesy of Shaun over at the Mojave Desert Blog?

From our correspondence, here is what Shaun said about the taking of this photograph:

”I took the photo just west of the Newberry Mountains Wilderness area above Camp Rock Road in late April 2011.   Probably 3 or 4 miles south of Daggett.  It was a beautiful clear day that I spent much of the time in the desert south of the Cady Wilderness Study Area.  I headed over to the desert south of Daggett later in the afternoon to photograph the sunset over the valley.  It's a beautiful landscape, with creosote/yucca habitat, and this cholla was on the edge of a low ridge.  I think it's a silver cholla.  The clouds started blowing in probably about an hour before I took this photo, with a very light sprinkle of rain and plenty of wind.  I think you can see the creosote on the right bending in the wind, or perhaps its just windswept from decades of exposure on that hill. I was heading back to the car when I stumbled on this sight. I got lucky when the sun peeked through the clouds before disappearing again behind more clouds and the ridge in the distance.  I'm a big fan of cholla photos when the sun is low. It's like all of the needles light up as the rays run through the branches.”

Wow! Thanks for this information which is very helpful to those of us who attempt to do landscape photography from time to time. But sir, you are too
modest. Allow me to give my take on this photograph.

First, besides being technically perfect and framed properly to draw the eye
of the viewer into the scene, as if they were there alongside the photographer,
this image manages to accomplish something rare except amongst the
works of more well known photographers- it manages to evoke a mood, a nostalgia, a yearning for something, that often can not be found except in wilderness- it shows the Hand of God reaching down to us- and induces a feeling in some of us that we must do all we can, in our own way, to make sure that such sights will be there in the future, for those who follow us.

At least, that is how it makes me feel out here on the backporch.

Thank you Shaun for sharing this with us.

Folks, I have said it before and I will say it again- if you are looking for information about the Mojave Desert and wilderness, may I suggest you bookmark this link and surf over often, as I do.



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