Thursday, December 1, 2011

Revisit to the base of Mt. San Jacinto near the windmills. Big surprise found up the hill. Part II.

I don’t know what happened to me the other day with part 1 of this trip report.
For some reason, I just could not put events in order and tried the toss it out
there approach to blogging.

Today I will try to put things in some semblance of order.

This is where I have made 2 previous hikes. Here are the links:

This is just an interesting stair step like ridge which appears to go all the way the side of Mt. San Jacinto. From previous experience, I expected high winds and much steep climbing.

As blogged in part 1, on this day I vowed to make it easier upon myself by following the many animal trails in the area to reach my destination. I also was not hear to prove anything, only to get higher up that ridge line, anyway that I could.
11282011pshike 024
So my goal this day was to hike cross-country to reach that road cut into the mountain side, the one that runs right to left, from the base of the hill, and ends
on the left end of that ridgeline, near the very tiny pole there in your picture.

And along the way, I vowed to utilize the animal trails and to look for interesting
sights along the way.
11282011pshike 031

11282011pshike 035

Take a close look into the gopher or snake hole above which appears to be abandoned. Zoom in on it.
11282011pshike 054

A lonely barrel cactus living on a steep hillside, amongst the grasses and rocks.

Once I made it over to the switchback road heading toward the ridgeline, the climb up began in earnest.
11282011pshike 052

I originally planned on hiking up a gap that I saw from the distance. Once there on scene I discovered that I would pass on the climb at that point.
11282011pshike 049

So I soldiered on up that hill, and came upon this little plateau, where I discovered some sort of meteorological apparatus I am sure.
11282011pshike 056

And looking down a little, another surprise.
11282011pshike 057

Here is a short video that I made while sitting on that middle post in the photo.

Close up of gnarly old juniper tree growing on the steep hillside.

Folks, there is a lot more which will be up online tomorrow. And as promised,
I have a real surprise up there that I found.

Here is a preview photo.
11282011pshike 064

Be well and don’t forget to come back for the conclusion to this day’s hike and
final thoughts.


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