Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shaking out the dust from the keyboard and other year end matters. And a couple of vows.

Why don’t I get right down to the nut cutting, and let all of you know my number one priority for year 2012- my vow to myself and to the world is to
do my very best to move back home, to the desert, to where I feel the most
comfortable within my own skin; the sooner, the better.

Let me tell you how this came about.

Recently, while driving a trolley with a security officer in an undisclosed OC
city, I casually asked if there were security guard jobs available, say in the
Palm Springs area, for an old timer, one too old to chase down and physically
subdue teenage suspects, for example. His reply, there are many gate guard jobs, etc due to the high number of rich communities out there. That got me to

Then on the hikes out to the windmill area off I-10 and Hwy 111, I noticed a guard on patrol inside the fenced off area, driving a new white suv, windows up, air conditioner going- driving to one windmill and parking for 10 minutes or so, then going to another random windmill, and I thought, I could do this- no
people only the desert, just drive around, not a bad gig.

I have no problem with this, these windmills have been here for decades, somebody has got to do it, might as well be me. Plus with my bus driving license, perhaps I could drive for a local company part time.

Rents are a hell of a lot cheaper, my credit has improved to a 773 credit score,
perhaps I can even buy a cheap house while still working here, and when and if it closed, commute for a while(short I hope) until I found something out there
to pay the bills- I think I am going to make one last effort to grab the brass ring,
to secure a cheap mortgage payment for my so called golden years.

As I have told friends and family, I do not want to die here in the big city, no way!

So there you have it, my vow, my one and only New Year’s resolution, wish me
luck, I may need it.

Now on to some desk clearing, or should I say a couple of brief and mild rants,
after all I don’t want to spoil your festivities.

I just want to say a couple of words about two things that I care for- the southwestern deserts and this country of ours the rich elites, our owners.

I have written thousands of words about the nightmare going on in the desert, in places like Ivanpah and Blythe. Several months ago, I realized that nothing
that I could do would stop or change the process in any way so I quit writing
on the subject. The powers that be don’t give a damn what I or any of us
think, and especially they are not bothered in the least by a small fry blogger.
Maybe my attempts at giving advice to others in the struggle might
have been naive, or amateurish, but it was freely given in good faith, and ignored, as it probably should have been.

I will most likely be writing little about the rape of the deserts. However, be warned that I sometimes have a short fuse, and a particularly outrageous act
by the industrialists may cause me to go off. I apologize in advance for any
discomfort reading my future rants may cause you. Most likely this will occur
after driving out to see what is happening. Now here is what I can do. I can try to support the good works of the fine people over at Solar Done Right or the Desert Protective Council or Basin and Range Watch, for example. I suggest
that you do the same if you are able to, at least check out their websites on the left side of this blog, from time to time.

What I said earlier about the elites not caring, may apply to me, but I can assure you that they are very aware of the good groups mentioned above, that
are doing their best to work within this system, to try to effect a change in our
renewable energy strategy, to put the solar on the rooftops, and not out in tortoise country.

I really appreciate and admire their never ending vigilance and good works.
As the Lord said, faith without good works is dead, I paraphrase, they are truly
doing good works.

Let me say a little about what is happening in this country and I will clean this
up. We are on the wrong path, we cannot continue this way, with our Nobel Peace Prize winning president bombing the hell out of the black and brown peoples of this planet. This cannot go on, nor do I believe that they will stop, unless somebody or something stops them. You all have heard over and over,
my disappointments with this man that I voted for. Such high hopes and expectations, thrown away at the altars of war and mammon.

I vow that I would rather write in Richard M Nixon for president, he’s dead you know, than vote for this butcher-in-chief again. As God is my witness, I would rather die than vote for him again.

That’s all that I am going to say, vote your conscience.

To those who I have infuriated, feel free to get a conversation going with me and my readers, via the comments, or send me an email- however, be warned that a really well written and thoughtful email or comment, may result in your
being asked to write a guest post, in response.

Now I will take the gloves off a little.

To the President and the other warmongers, as well as the industrialists and their lackeys such as our retread Governor Brown and His Excellency Ken
Salazar, I sure as hell hope that the damned door hits your asses as you go out.

That is how I feel ringing out the old year, and welcoming the new one.



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