Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wrap up of the recent hike out near the Palm Springs windmills, with a real surprise. Late videos addition.

I left off with the possible weather station found on a ridge top. The next phase
was to go up what looked like a steep atv/ jeep trail to the next level of the ridge.

Video taken as I walked up this jeep trail in the photos.

11282011pshike 064

Finally I made it up the steep trail and was met with this view in the photo below.
11282011pshike 066

This awesome view of Mt. San Jacinto makes the hike up worthwhile.
11282011pshike 071

This video is the trail I talk about in the next paragraph.

Once I got up there I followed this trail on along the ridge. This is one of the
big surprises here- in the sandy spots of this trail, I found no footprints, just
animal tracks in places. And then I came to this spot where the trail crossed
over a rock outcropping. Take a close look at this photo. What stands out in the details of the rocks?
11282011pshike 072

Here is another photo of the same area.
11282011pshike 073

What could possibly cause the wear and weathering in some sections of the rock outcropping?
11282011pshike 075

Here the path continues up the ridgeline.
11282011pshike 079

Hmmm--- something or a lot of somethings, have definitely been using this trail!  And they are not human.
11282011pshike 083

The path is clear here but further up, I lost it, and didn’t feel like trying bouldering either.

At first I thought that I had accidently hooked up with the Pacific Crest Trail,
and later on after searching online and on a map that I have, I believe that the
PCT actually passes by on the Palm Springs side of this ridge at ground level
in the wash, and crosses under Interstate 10 at a nearby large culvert to continue on northward.

So what kind of trail did I find? Could it be that I happened onto a centuries old
trail used by the original people that populated this area? The rocky area with
the worn down areas in the rocks, those like marks made by footsteps over a long period of time. This ridge which rises up toward the mountain is one that
would be easily traversed by a people that were in good physical shape- I don’t
know the answer but it sure is intriguing that’s for sure.

Anyway, I continued to the next uphill section where I took a break, pondering all this and enjoying the 180 degree view that my ringside seat provided me, leaning there against that rocky hillside.
11282011pshike 086

Above is the view to my left, below is the view to my right.
11282011pshike 088

Below is what I was really enjoying right at the moment.
11282011pshike 090

To my right and slightly below, the burnt remains of an old juniper perhaps?
11282011pshike 093

Looking up the hill behind me- perhaps soon I will be trying to go further up the ridge.
11282011pshike 095

Just an awesome spot to hang out, well worth the effort to reach this point!

I know what I told you guys, believe or not, I decided to go straight down this hill to get back to the switchback road.
11282011pshike 097

What a sight if I rolled down this hillside!

There you have it folks. I made my way down that hill, very carefully, and hiked
back to the morongomobile. Along the way, I did a few videos which will be up
fairly soon at my youtube page, along with a hundred or so others all for your

12/6/2011. I have added the videos into the text where the events occurred.

That was it for this day.

This past Sunday, I talked my friend and fellow blogger, Lee Murray, into coming out and doing a short walk with our cameras in the same area, and we
walked alongside the ridge a ways and took a few photos. Check out the desert graffiti here.
12042011pshike 013
And another view of the same rock formation.
12042011pshike 011

Of course, I had to climb up and investigate. Down below in the wash, you can see Lee discovering that his battery
died in his digital slr.
12042011pshike 018

Evidently we weren’t the only ones walking around the area, as you can see below.
12042011pshike 021

Note the curved rear pad above in that track above.
12042011pshike 017

Well I am running out of energy and the eyes are getting dim. Let me leave you with this photograph to consider. How would you like to go up and check out this view?
11282011pshike 074

You guys have my email, let me know when you are in the area. Let’s go

Thanks so much for viewing and reading this little blog, remember you are
always welcome company out here on the backporch.


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