Sunday, January 29, 2012

The verdict is in on my new Asus Transformer EeePad tablet.

And it ain’t good.

In the last month, the most visited post here on this site has been the one
about using it to post here the first time. That was just a throwaway post and
it shocked me to see all the traffic coming in just for it.

Let me tell you in this second throwaway post about some of my frustrations
and problems with this tablet, that are literally causing my hair to stand on end,
something that defies the laws of physics, considering the lack of said hair to start with.

Today, I attempted to write a serious post about this product and the Android
operating system, using the EeePad and the online tools at the Google Blogger website.

What a horror!

Between the cursor getting lost in the tiny blogger provided box to type in, to the same cursor jumping around the screen, to letters not showing up where typed but above the current location say about 4 paragraphs and then having extreme difficulty correcting that- I think you get the picture.

This product is not ready for primetime yet, especially if you intend to use it for blogging, at least with the Google Blogger site software. And by the way, yes I downloaded the official app from Google to blog with and ended up deleting it, due to other problems.

So if your work requires writing with a keyboard, I think you might want to consider using an electronic stylus with this product. I have read reports that
this type of touch screen works well with a stylus, I don’t know about using it along with handwriting recognition software though. Something to think about before you plunk down your hard earned $549 as I did.

What an idiot I was! Now it is too late to return it and I cannot use it for the main
reason that I bought it in the first place.

There are other reasons for buying one of these. It can play movies, music, etc
just don’t expect to be able to hear it at any appreciable volume level. Fact is the only thing loud is when you play that game “Angry Birds.” That is loud and actually quite fun to play on the 10 inch screen.

I didn’t buy this to play games but at least that part is going okay with this.

Most of my time is spent using it as an electronic reader- currently I am reading a free download entitled “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” or a similar title by Gibbon, you may have heard of it- I have all the volumes on this little device, although it is hard to snuggle up with a good book at night when it is being displayed on a metallic device. If you read it laying on your back with the eBook device over your head, all I can say is don’t nod off, unless you are wearing a helmet!

So I spent all this money to end up using it like a $75 eReader, guess it is true
what that famous man once said, “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

Buy at your own risk. There is extremely minimal documentation inside both
packages, device and keyboard sold as different purchases and you really only need the Eeepad, not the keyboard for most functions. Here is a photo of the documentation provided with both units so you can get an idea of what comes with them. I have put my tiny digicam pouch in the picture for scale, one is about 6 pages, the other 10. The one single sheet is the only information provided about using the operating system, file system, etc.
eepad 004

The above booklets are about 3 1/2 by 5 inches or so, tiny, tiny, tiny!

In fairness to Asus, there is a better online manual available for download, but it
has no instructions for using Android itself.

Another strong bit of advice I offer to those who are contemplating the purchase
of an Android tablet pc, is to be proficient with Android before buying this or any
tablet. I don’t care what anybody says, this isn’t that easy to learn, and there are no idiot or dummy guides yet available to purchase, at least not for this machine that I sprung the hard dough for.

Now comes the part of this unscientific mini “review” where I give my verdict.
thunbsdown 001

The above photo shows me preparing this hatchet job mini-review on my Dell Inspiron 15 laptop
using Windows Live Writer, free blogging software that I do recommend because it just works like you
want it to.

Got that?

And now a money making, sure fire win win for someone proficient with Android and this particular machine, the Asus EeePad. Pleeeeeaaaazzzzzeeee
write a DUMMIES OR IDIOTS GUIDE ASAP, and how about mailing me out
a complimentary copy for giving you the great idea. They are selling millions of these, and I am quite sure that many, many of us would be happy to spend another $20 or so to be able to use our $549 toys!

I know I would, anything to avoid using this as a fancy paper weight.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

At this point, who in the so called “wilderness protection” camp can you really trust?

1/29/2012 Post edited to remove possible language considered pejorative by
some. Continue reading at your own risk. Warning! Read on at your own risk!
Carbonmentalists and administration lackies- Stop reading now before your
blood pressure rises!

Let me say a warning right now. If you are of a gentle nature, surf away now.
_ –_-_                             -_-_-_               XXX                        !##$$%%^^

Two recent blog posts have lit the fuse and got me fired up for the first time
in months about the renewable energy debacle now unfolding way out there,
thanks to our massa’sin DC and Sacramento and other sordid cesspools
of corruption and hubris.

The posts I will reference are from sources of information trusted by me. So I
will allow myself a good rant, one that is long overdue. The fact that only one or two maybe will read this, doesn’t bother me a whit. Here are the articles, I suggest you right click each link and read both.

Kit foxes fall victim to distemper near solar site

Shame on you Nevada Wilderness Project Note: This is the article plus comments link here.

The bastards supporting these projects, especially the so called environmentalists who held their noses and went along with the BrightSources and First Solars of the world should each have a dead kit fox wrapped
around their skinny damned necks and forced to live that way as it putrifies. At
that point, they should be forced to eat it, fat glistening maggots and all.

Those self righteous, smug, arrogant jerks.

Anybody with half a brain knew something like this would happen. The thousands of pages of rebuttal to these projects online attest to all the bad things that would occur if and when they started plowing up the desert wilderness, instead of placing these devices upon the millions of bare rooftops
that abound in the southwest.

But did our massa’s and their ass kissers listen to the voices of reason crying out their objections?

Hell no! They were probably too busy planning on how they would spend
all that corporate loot that would be coming their way.

You know, some of these people really need to get their asses beat like a drum, that’s how pissed off I am about this. At the minimum, shun the candy assed self righteous jerks.

I ain’t no gentleman now and never have been, and for the first time in a long time, I am cutting loose. Google may kick my ass off here but I don’t give a damn. I have been holding back for a long time, but not today, no sirree!

Folks, these carbonmentalists knew all along that things like this would happen, they knew the desert wilderness would be fragmented and industrialized, they knew the north end of the Ivanpah Valley would be destroyed forever as an environmental treasure, they didn’t give a damn because after all it has a golf course on it already, and besides somebody has to sacrifice to save the planet from all this carbon being pumped into the atmosphere, and we nominate the deserts!

It is my sincere hope and wish as I have ever wished for something that these sorry assed clowns will burn in hell a stirling engine for what they have done and will keep on doing to our desert wilderness. These pencil pushers and bureaucrats, by themselves, have allowed more destruction
now and in the immediate future to be let loose, a process that will do more damage to the ecosystem, than all the mining etc that has occurred to date. Damage that will not and can not be mitigated. Damage that will take a thousand generations or more to repair, if ever.

The Lord may forgive them, but I won’t. And if you love these areas, you shouldn’t either.

Here is a quick bit of advice- stop giving, stop donating, stop trusting any
of these so called wilderness protection groups until they come clean- we,
the people demand the sources of their corporate funding and how much, and what did they have to sign off on to get the money.

Just stop paying and stop listening until they come clean, period!

There are folks in the movement out there that I trust. I am not going to name names. There are groups doing good work that I trust. Groups that I feel are
doing good for the desert kit foxes of the world, for example.

I call on these groups to think out of the box for a moment. To start thinking
bigger, to consider adding another responsibility to their portfolio. Just hear
me out for a moment.

We desperately a new champion. The deserts and other wilderness need a new champion. The denizens of the desert, those that have lived there forever need someone to speak for them.

What we need is a return to the John Muir ideal. We need to think along his lines. These wild places need to be saved. No more deals, no more agreements, lines drawn here in the sand amongst the creosote and blackbrush- save what is left, no more territory given up, no more desert
tortoises sacrificed so Wall Street can make a few more Obama bucks--
stop the industrialists right now with the citizen’s help.

Government in this case is the problem, not the solution. Don’t forget that
great “liberal” Obama and his administration are leading the push to pave over the deserts. That is an undisputed fact.

It is time for the leaders of this struggle to start thinking big, to ask themselves
these questions( for example): What would John Muir do? What would David
Brower do? What would Ed Abbey do? What would Teddy do?

Work those rolodexes and iPhones. Do you know any rich folks who love the
desert or other wilderness? I mean really love it. Now is the time to step up to
the plate, n-o-w.

Save the desert with a real people’s movement backed up with deep pocketed folks who feel the same way.

Now is the time to make a trip out to the desert. To go out and watch the sun rise or set, to look at all the different plant species and the lengths that they
have gone to secure their place within that ecosystem, and at how they have
survived the heat and the lack of water for millions of years. To ponder how your fellow animals on this planet have been able to survive, despite all the odds, and yes, to thrive in that sometimes inhospitable environment. These things need to be saved, they deserve to be saved, they deserve better.

They need to be protected.

We have to do it. Our elected and unelected officials and representatives are not going to do it.

They have decided that the desert will be sacrificed.
archivecd16 015

What say ye?

I, for one, am heading out as soon as possible.

While there is still a wilderness to visit.



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A new feature top left column of the page with---

Some words by the writer, Marshal South, whose home site named Yaquitepec
I recently visited.

After making the trip down to the home site, I decided to pick up a book about
the man, which also includes most of the monthly columns he wrote for Desert Magazine. The pay for those articles was the primary means of support for himself and his family while living up atop Ghost Mountain.

I picked up a signed collectible copy at a real good price from a small bookstore
and I realize after the fact, that the smart plan would have been to buy the book first, read it, and then go make the pilgrimage, but of course, I did the opposite.

If I had read the book and studied the layout of the home inside, provided by
the eldest son, Rider, I would have been much more knowledgeable, and more
awed by all the family accomplished, atop that barren, windswept ridge.
01082012yaquitepec 023

You live and learn. I will be going back for a second visit.

I am going to make a strong statement. Having read through page 105, I feel like I have read enough to say Mr. South has to go up there with a very small
group at the top of the wilderness writers pyramid. Having read Abbey and others, reading Zane Grey, the western writer, etc- the word paintings found in this book are as good as any I have read.

Take a look at that new section on the left column of this page. From time to time, I will pick out a small paragraph that has meaning, in this case personal
meaning to me- and put it in this new section. Read it and think about it.

When I saw this part of a paragraph, I was overwhelmed almost by the memory of the smell of the giant creosote plant after a rain in my backyard of my Joshua Tree house. Alas the new owners tore it out right after they moved in, this pleasant memory they will never hold dear, as I do.

Another great paragraph which I will probably highlight next was when he remembered his father- just a wonderful description- the man was truly a master wordsmith.

I guess I went to Yaquitepec to visit the ruins, but since coming back home, I am finding out about the man, as the writings seem to be a direct pipeline to his soul.
012512south 003

Here is a photograph of my copy. It is in like new condition and signed by Diana
Lindsay, the editor. I also enjoyed the information from Rider South at the beginning of the book, especially his memories of his parents and siblings, and how life was at Yaquitepec.

This really is a great read and I highly recommend that you reading these words here, go out and get a copy- read it at night before laying down, and dream of life in the desert- you may wake up smelling that desert rain.

Vaya con dios.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Self criticism and an invitation.

Consider the title as an invitation to pile on Thumbs up, I am a big boy, I can take it.

The behind the scenes look at this blog journey shows a lot of posting during
the first year, when I was underemployed and had lots of free time(slow time in
the bus business), was on a mission(try to stop Ivanpah), and a few personal
issues. Some have asked about the drop in activity here, that is the straight
answer to the question.

Several friends have told me that I write best when mad, that is true. But as one mentioned in an email, negativity; negativity I feel was poisoning me,slowly but surely.

It took a long while to finally get it- that I was making exactly no headway with
my criticisms, getting more and more worked up, on the way to a stroke, whatever, the time came to back off, and move on to more peaceful writing,
and to spend time enjoying this Mojave Desert that I love, while the time and
enjoy remain to me to enjoy it.

Here is a quote from the writer whose home site I visited recently, Marshal
South, which sums up my feelings about the desert:

“The desert! Either you will love it or you will hate it. If you hate it you will fly from it and never wish to see its face again. If you love it, it will hold you and
draw you as will no other land on earth.”- Marshal South

I love it. I would like to live out my remaining days there. I would like to show
others the beauty of it. And of course, I would like to help save it.

I will do what I can.

I hope that you will join me, in whatever way that you can.

It is my fervent wish to see you out on the trail.



Monday, January 16, 2012

Informative Youtube video regarding Marshal South and Ghost Mountain.

Well worth a viewing. I learned a lot from this video about life up there, and
that I completely missed his sun dial that I had read about.

This man is very knowledgeable about the history of Yaquitepec and Marshal South.

I think this is the best video up on Youtube about this place.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Your mission is to watch these two videos in their entirety, updated.

Subject matter- the endless wars, with words in one, and extremely graphic
subject matter in the other. First up is Phil Donahue discussing Ron Paul and
being anti- war with Piers Morgan on CNN.

A must see!

Next up is a video from Aletho News which you will never see broadcast on American television news, I guarantee it.

I d/l’d this from Aletho, then couldn’t re- find it, amazing how Google can find anything.

Folks, I have said it here many times. We can’t keep up this bombing and killing of the brown and black peoples of this planet, with out facing some
serious blowback at some point in our future. I believe it will come sooner rather than later.

How long can this mayhem go on before it completely destroys what remains of this country’s soul?

After sleeping on it, my impressions after watching the second video. It is extremely difficult to watch this once you pass the 3 1/2 minute mark. The sounds of the children screaming in terror as missile after cowardly missile
strikes nearby, the destruction unfolding before your very eyes, the scenes
of the little boy being held down in the hospital writhing in pain as they attempt
to clean up his head wounds, the child with the shrapnel wound(?) in the abdomen beyond the point of crying, due to shock- if you have any sense of compassion and decency, these sights will rock you to the core- forget all the
f---ing propaganda coming to you from the American news media- this is hard to watch and to take.

To all the my country right or wronger’s out there, just imagine that is your kid
being held down on that exam table, or you parents that just got vaporized by
that drone missile, how would you feel about it? Wouldn’t you vow that one day, no matter how long it took, that you would get your revenge?

This ain’t no damned video game here, folks. Real people are getting blown to hell across the globe, by young guys sitting at a video game console at Nellis Air Force base.

I hope the guys doing this and those profiting off this un-American policy burn
in hell.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Now this is a hard hitting political video.

Not that it matters for my purposes here, to showcase an effective ad; this
was paid for and made by a PAC supporting former house speaker Newt
Gingrich, and it really tears into Mitt Romney- you know the one referred to
by Governor Rick Perry of Texas, as a “vulture” capitalist.

Too long to go viral, but well worth watching, all 28 minutes of it!

As a liberal politically, it does my heart good to see something like this. As
a blue collar worker, it feels good to watch one of the “vultures” get it as good
as they got. I don’t care how they slice and dice it, these guys come in to a
business, sell them a bill of goods, put their own people in the key spots, and then proceed to suck the lifeblood out of a business, leaving the picked over
carcass behind.

Translation: closed businesses and factories all over this country, with layoffs
and pinkslips floating away with the breeze.

Someone had to tear into these guys, with the democrats cowering in fear, afraid to go out on a limb, and the only race being on the republican side, perhaps this will put the brakes to the Romney Express, with Perry and Gingrich gleefully pouring it on!



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yaquitepec and Marshal South, final thoughts.

After sleeping on it, I am still no closer to solving the riddle that was Marshal
South. Odds are that I never will be able to figure him out. As a friend says,
get out of the square box- I am, and it still doesn’t help.

Never in my wildest dreams, would I move anywhere without a water supply,
or in such a remote location such as Ghost Mountain, and especially not during a major economic downturn, but that is exactly what this family did. It
would require a lot more faith than I have, that’s for sure.

Having said all this, it is a historical fact that the family lived atop that barren ridge for about 16 years. The ruins speak to that fact. The historical record proves that it did happen.

Perhaps I will never understand the why, but I can definitely figure out the how,
from my visit to the ruins of the homestead, and from the reading that I have done about the man and the family.

I said in one of the videos that this was “real history.” It was an event that was
ongoing decades ago, and despite vandalism and the weathering effects of time’s passing, you can still go see the site and try to understand what it was like to live there atop that boulder strewn ridge, gazing out upon the magnificent vistas laid out before you- it was and is a moving sight, and it gave me a whole new appreciation of the man who was Marshal South, a man who dreamed of making it on his own terms, far from the madding crowd that is modern day civilization.
01082012yaquitepec 040

I am very glad that I made this trip, I still don’t get it all, my mind just can’t
totally wrap itself around such a bold act, but it definitely exposed me to another way of thinking, that’s for sure. If one is in the area, I do recommend a visit to Yaquitepec; venture there soon, who knows how long the site will remain in the shape that it is in now.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Visit to Yaquitepec, home of Marshal South atop Ghost Mountain, pt 2.

See pt 1 here if you haven’t read it already for context, or just keep reading
here and save it for later. This part will be told more with pictures and videos
possibly, we will see how it plays out.

After arrival at the trailhead, I set out upon the trail, one mile long, up towards
the top of the ridge- destination, the home of Marshal South, Yaquitepec.The
trail starts out steeply and pretty much continues that way.
01082012yaquitepec 003

I am going to put up several photos taken going up the rocky trail, which by the way has many switchbacks. Alongside the trail, in a couple of places, I had
close encounters with cholla, and had to pull out several of their needles, luckily there was no blood drawn.
01082012yaquitepec 004

A beautiful lichen covered boulder alongside the trail.
01082012yaquitepec 005

Can you imagine going up this with a heavy jerry can filled with water in each hand?
01082012yaquitepec 006
Speaking of cholla’s. Also note the couple heading downhill, the lady had a hip replacement surgery and look at
her hiking! That was truly inspirational to me, I thank them for giving me the heads up on the trail going on up.
01082012yaquitepec 008

There are almost too many succulents to count in the above photo. I sure wish I was better educated regarding desert
cactus species.
01082012yaquitepec 010
One of many, many juniper trees that I encountered along the trail to Yaquitepec. I sure hope that Senator Harry Reid
doesn’t see this blog post as there isn’t a juniper or pinyon pine tree safe anywhere, that he doesn’t want to burn in
one of his so-called renewable energy biomass plant schemes! I say harvest the berries and make bathtub gin.
01082012yaquitepec 013

The view looking back toward the exit. What are those stalks that come up from a plant resembling an agave?
01082012yaquitepec 016

This is similar to the plant that the tall stalks grow from.
01082012yaquitepec 017

No special camera angles, yes, it really is that steep! Check out all the different plant species!
01082012yaquitepec 020

What is the name of these plants with the tall stalks?
01082012yaquitepec 029

What an awesome view. This hike was worth it just to get to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding desert landscape.
01082012yaquitepec 033

I don’t know, I think I have wandered off the path. Just kidding!
01082012yaquitepec 037

The view out the front door. You can see the Borrego badlands way in the distance I believe. I am sure that if I am mistaken,
someone will set me straight.
01082012yaquitepec 038

This flower or plant left here by someone else, for some reason, was a moving thing to see.
01082012yaquitepec 040

The context for the flower picture above.
01082012yaquitepec 042

Taken from inside the home looking toward the kitchen area and the location of the water cistern.

I took several videos but these 3 are the most important and were taken 1) on
the trail just before arrival at the ruins, and the next 2 from the home site area.
The last video, is really where I put it all together in my thoughts and onto video. Please note, the video is shaky, I forgot to take my tremor medication- I
apologize in advance for the loss of video quality. Please be assured though
that everything that I had at the time- knowledge of the individuals, my feelings
and thoughts went into these video vignettes.

Yaquitepec# 7 from bill mcdonald on Vimeo.

Video on the mountain trail on the walk up to Yaquitepec, home site of the writer, Marshal South, who lived there from 1930 to the late 1940's.


Yaquitepec #8 from bill mcdonald on Vimeo.

A walkthrough of Yaquitepec,home of writer,marshal south,atop Ghost Mountain in Anza-Borrego State Desert Park.

Yaquitepec #9 from bill mcdonald on Vimeo.

Continuing the walkthrough of the ruins at the home site of writer, Marshal South, known as Yaquitepec, atop Ghost Mountain which is located in Anza- Borrego State Desert Park.

Folks, that is it for today. I will have further thoughts on this which I will put into
pt 3, the final post on this trip report. This will hopefully go online tomorrow. I just feel like that something is missing, I don’t know what the missing piece is;
perhaps after sleeping on it, it will come to me.

Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts on this, or any suggestions for future trips- as the saying goes, I am all ears.

If anyone has further information and you would like it made available to the readership, please consider contributing a guest article. Just email me at the address to the left, and we will get it up right away. Sorry, the pay is nonexistent as this is a labor of love, so to speak, but occasionally this blog does get some “heavy hitter visitors” and who knows, they might write me and ask who wrote that fantastic guest blog post!

As I say somewhere, maybe on the youtube page, this site can really only be appreciated truly by making the pilgrimage to it. Videos and photos do not substitute for the awe inspiring views from the top and the difficulties encountered making your way up and back. Most importantly, do not stay too late, unless you have a good torch and are experienced in night hiking, this trail
is tough enough in the daytime, don’t tempt fate by going up unprepared and having to trek down after sunset.

Until we meet again, vaya con dios, mis amigos.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Visit to Yaquitepec, home of Marshal South atop Ghost Mountain, pt.1

Yesterday, Sunday morning, I got up ready and eager to drive down for my
first visit to the Anza- Borrego State Desert Park, the site where the writer,
Marshal South and his family lived on a ridge top in the desert for 16 years,
building a life away from civilization during the Great Depression, and finally
abandoning the homestead in the late 1940’s after a breakup between the writer and his wife, details of which you can read on the website linked earlier
and in other places on the web, or in books or magazine articles.

I strongly recommend that you click on the above link, and read about this man,
if you are unfamiliar with him and this article which discusses Marshal South along with another 1930’s explorer, the young Everett Ruess, as well as Ed
Abbey and others. A truly great read, especially about Marshal and Everett.

Let me say that it is not easy to get to the site via state highways 78 or 79, here
is a screenshot from a video I took while driving that illustrates the difficult terrain and highway conditions.
ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 09 17.40

My first destination was the visitor center in Borrego Springs, where I was bitterly disappointed. I had read online that in their theater, they showed the
15 minute film, “The Ghost Mountain Experiment,” instead another film was
screened about the park instead. They did have the film and a book for sale
in their gift shop about Yaquitepec and Marshal South.

After a 20-25 minute stay, I took off in the Morongomobile for Park Hwy S-2
and the 3.2 mile long dirt road leading to the home site. After about a 17 mile drive, I arrived at the turn off and slowly began the dirt road journey, dodging
the potholes, and hoping no vehicle would meet me head on, as most of the
way the road is only wide enough for one vehicle, someone would have to back up to a turnout.
ScreenHunter_04 Jan. 09 18.16

In the above video capture, one vehicle could pull off to the right, further down the road that just isn’t possible.

The temperature was in the high 60’s F and there was no wind when I arrived
at the trailhead.
01082012yaquitepec 002

This is as good a place as any to stop and process my videos and photographs
taken this day, while you readers check out the links mentioned above. I can
not over-emphasize that if you have never heard of either individual, you really
should read a little about them to truly appreciate, in Marshal’s case, the desire
to build a life way out from the world, in the remote Blair Valley, in the Anza- Borrego area.

Part 2 will come shortly, please do return for it, here is a video capture image
showing the view across the valley, near the home site, Yaquitepec.
ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 09 18.06

In the video, overcome by the beauty of nature laid out before me, I said
that if it wasn’t so much effort, that I would ask my brother to spread my ashes
here when I was gone, that is how awe- struck this sight made me.

This poor photograph does not do justice to this scenic view.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sometimes you can’t win for losing.

Some of you may recall the other day I mentioned my resolution for 2012
was to try to buy a home and move out to the desert. I finally stepped out
of the “square box” and let my imagination and longing free.

Now for the latest news, which will surely have a major effect on my plans.

My company that I work for, a major national bus line which I will not name,
filed for federal chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday, which has thrown all my
plans right out of the window.

Picture this scenario. After filling out all the papers, being told it looks good,
my loan package goes to the underwriter’s, one of whom says “his company is in bankruptcy, there is no guarantee that his pay rate will not change, nor that he will even be able to hang on to a job, he could be laid off tomorrow!”

It is not in the cards for me to make a major commitment under this much of a cloud, if it happens it will have to be the best price deal of all time, for me to
jump on it. I will keep looking, but now will be even more careful.

The other day before I made my hike, I rode around looking for one house in Whitewater, also known as West Palm Springs Village, and never found it.
Next, I rode up to Morongo Valley, found the house which wasn’t bad, but on a very short street, a street where the first house I passed by on the way, was an
obvious bank owned repo, totally trashed, with a love seat and couch, coming out of the smashed picture window, I kid you not.

No way I would buy on that street, no way.

Late addition. I just found this property via and which
is in pending status and this is the first time that I saw this. This is exactly the type of situation that I am looking for, just so you know.
ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 04 09.44

So all way around, I am taking incoming fire from all directions this morning.

If I didn’t have to work today, I would be heading for the desert wide open spaces so fast that it would make my head spin.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not much of a hill climber, as these videos will prove.

After making the drive yesterday to do a little more exploring at the ridge line
area near the windmills off I-10, I decided to head around the other side of the ridge and walk down toward Snow Creek. On the way, I stopped to attempt
another climb up a steep hill utilizing the existing offroader trails which went straight up.

On the way I stopped and rested on a rock outcropping where I did this self
portrait with my cell phone.

How did I not manage to get my arm holding the phone into the picture? Looking at this photo, it is obvious that
when they passed around looks, I must have heard books and went off looking for my library card!

By now, a few of you must be wondering what is so fascinating to me, that
I keep returning back to the same area off the freeway near the windmills.
I have pondered that question as well. Here are a few reasons. It is relatively
close to me, around 90 miles or so, and it is desert terrain with tremendous
scenic mountains and hills looming over the area. There is a wide variety of
plant and animal life in the area, as well as good mountain biking and dry camping opportunities, for those who want solitude but still to be near a city
and in cell phone coverage. Plus there are truly challenging hike and hill
climbing, as well as bouldering and mountain climbing, that you can do- and
by the way, the Pacific Crest Trail passes through this small area.

I will continue coming here but my next hike will be in a different area, think
Yaquitepec and Marshal South, that is the only hint that I will give you guys.

Okay, one more, Ghost Mountain, google it, check it out, let me know if you
want to come along with me.

Here are a few videos that I made yesterday for your viewing.

There you have it, 4 videos which, let me put on my fortune teller’s hat, will
end up being viewed about 3 times. God bless the 3 of you that do watch them.
It is for you, the less easily bored by poor video, that I put myself out there.

One of these, I will figure it out, of course, by then, I will be down to 1 viewer!