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At this point, who in the so called “wilderness protection” camp can you really trust?

1/29/2012 Post edited to remove possible language considered pejorative by
some. Continue reading at your own risk. Warning! Read on at your own risk!
Carbonmentalists and administration lackies- Stop reading now before your
blood pressure rises!

Let me say a warning right now. If you are of a gentle nature, surf away now.
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Two recent blog posts have lit the fuse and got me fired up for the first time
in months about the renewable energy debacle now unfolding way out there,
thanks to our massa’sin DC and Sacramento and other sordid cesspools
of corruption and hubris.

The posts I will reference are from sources of information trusted by me. So I
will allow myself a good rant, one that is long overdue. The fact that only one or two maybe will read this, doesn’t bother me a whit. Here are the articles, I suggest you right click each link and read both.

Kit foxes fall victim to distemper near solar site

Shame on you Nevada Wilderness Project Note: This is the article plus comments link here.

The bastards supporting these projects, especially the so called environmentalists who held their noses and went along with the BrightSources and First Solars of the world should each have a dead kit fox wrapped
around their skinny damned necks and forced to live that way as it putrifies. At
that point, they should be forced to eat it, fat glistening maggots and all.

Those self righteous, smug, arrogant jerks.

Anybody with half a brain knew something like this would happen. The thousands of pages of rebuttal to these projects online attest to all the bad things that would occur if and when they started plowing up the desert wilderness, instead of placing these devices upon the millions of bare rooftops
that abound in the southwest.

But did our massa’s and their ass kissers listen to the voices of reason crying out their objections?

Hell no! They were probably too busy planning on how they would spend
all that corporate loot that would be coming their way.

You know, some of these people really need to get their asses beat like a drum, that’s how pissed off I am about this. At the minimum, shun the candy assed self righteous jerks.

I ain’t no gentleman now and never have been, and for the first time in a long time, I am cutting loose. Google may kick my ass off here but I don’t give a damn. I have been holding back for a long time, but not today, no sirree!

Folks, these carbonmentalists knew all along that things like this would happen, they knew the desert wilderness would be fragmented and industrialized, they knew the north end of the Ivanpah Valley would be destroyed forever as an environmental treasure, they didn’t give a damn because after all it has a golf course on it already, and besides somebody has to sacrifice to save the planet from all this carbon being pumped into the atmosphere, and we nominate the deserts!

It is my sincere hope and wish as I have ever wished for something that these sorry assed clowns will burn in hell a stirling engine for what they have done and will keep on doing to our desert wilderness. These pencil pushers and bureaucrats, by themselves, have allowed more destruction
now and in the immediate future to be let loose, a process that will do more damage to the ecosystem, than all the mining etc that has occurred to date. Damage that will not and can not be mitigated. Damage that will take a thousand generations or more to repair, if ever.

The Lord may forgive them, but I won’t. And if you love these areas, you shouldn’t either.

Here is a quick bit of advice- stop giving, stop donating, stop trusting any
of these so called wilderness protection groups until they come clean- we,
the people demand the sources of their corporate funding and how much, and what did they have to sign off on to get the money.

Just stop paying and stop listening until they come clean, period!

There are folks in the movement out there that I trust. I am not going to name names. There are groups doing good work that I trust. Groups that I feel are
doing good for the desert kit foxes of the world, for example.

I call on these groups to think out of the box for a moment. To start thinking
bigger, to consider adding another responsibility to their portfolio. Just hear
me out for a moment.

We desperately a new champion. The deserts and other wilderness need a new champion. The denizens of the desert, those that have lived there forever need someone to speak for them.

What we need is a return to the John Muir ideal. We need to think along his lines. These wild places need to be saved. No more deals, no more agreements, lines drawn here in the sand amongst the creosote and blackbrush- save what is left, no more territory given up, no more desert
tortoises sacrificed so Wall Street can make a few more Obama bucks--
stop the industrialists right now with the citizen’s help.

Government in this case is the problem, not the solution. Don’t forget that
great “liberal” Obama and his administration are leading the push to pave over the deserts. That is an undisputed fact.

It is time for the leaders of this struggle to start thinking big, to ask themselves
these questions( for example): What would John Muir do? What would David
Brower do? What would Ed Abbey do? What would Teddy do?

Work those rolodexes and iPhones. Do you know any rich folks who love the
desert or other wilderness? I mean really love it. Now is the time to step up to
the plate, n-o-w.

Save the desert with a real people’s movement backed up with deep pocketed folks who feel the same way.

Now is the time to make a trip out to the desert. To go out and watch the sun rise or set, to look at all the different plant species and the lengths that they
have gone to secure their place within that ecosystem, and at how they have
survived the heat and the lack of water for millions of years. To ponder how your fellow animals on this planet have been able to survive, despite all the odds, and yes, to thrive in that sometimes inhospitable environment. These things need to be saved, they deserve to be saved, they deserve better.

They need to be protected.

We have to do it. Our elected and unelected officials and representatives are not going to do it.

They have decided that the desert will be sacrificed.
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What say ye?

I, for one, am heading out as soon as possible.

While there is still a wilderness to visit.



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