Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not much of a hill climber, as these videos will prove.

After making the drive yesterday to do a little more exploring at the ridge line
area near the windmills off I-10, I decided to head around the other side of the ridge and walk down toward Snow Creek. On the way, I stopped to attempt
another climb up a steep hill utilizing the existing offroader trails which went straight up.

On the way I stopped and rested on a rock outcropping where I did this self
portrait with my cell phone.

How did I not manage to get my arm holding the phone into the picture? Looking at this photo, it is obvious that
when they passed around looks, I must have heard books and went off looking for my library card!

By now, a few of you must be wondering what is so fascinating to me, that
I keep returning back to the same area off the freeway near the windmills.
I have pondered that question as well. Here are a few reasons. It is relatively
close to me, around 90 miles or so, and it is desert terrain with tremendous
scenic mountains and hills looming over the area. There is a wide variety of
plant and animal life in the area, as well as good mountain biking and dry camping opportunities, for those who want solitude but still to be near a city
and in cell phone coverage. Plus there are truly challenging hike and hill
climbing, as well as bouldering and mountain climbing, that you can do- and
by the way, the Pacific Crest Trail passes through this small area.

I will continue coming here but my next hike will be in a different area, think
Yaquitepec and Marshal South, that is the only hint that I will give you guys.

Okay, one more, Ghost Mountain, google it, check it out, let me know if you
want to come along with me.

Here are a few videos that I made yesterday for your viewing.

There you have it, 4 videos which, let me put on my fortune teller’s hat, will
end up being viewed about 3 times. God bless the 3 of you that do watch them.
It is for you, the less easily bored by poor video, that I put myself out there.

One of these, I will figure it out, of course, by then, I will be down to 1 viewer!


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