Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sometimes you can’t win for losing.

Some of you may recall the other day I mentioned my resolution for 2012
was to try to buy a home and move out to the desert. I finally stepped out
of the “square box” and let my imagination and longing free.

Now for the latest news, which will surely have a major effect on my plans.

My company that I work for, a major national bus line which I will not name,
filed for federal chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday, which has thrown all my
plans right out of the window.

Picture this scenario. After filling out all the papers, being told it looks good,
my loan package goes to the underwriter’s, one of whom says “his company is in bankruptcy, there is no guarantee that his pay rate will not change, nor that he will even be able to hang on to a job, he could be laid off tomorrow!”

It is not in the cards for me to make a major commitment under this much of a cloud, if it happens it will have to be the best price deal of all time, for me to
jump on it. I will keep looking, but now will be even more careful.

The other day before I made my hike, I rode around looking for one house in Whitewater, also known as West Palm Springs Village, and never found it.
Next, I rode up to Morongo Valley, found the house which wasn’t bad, but on a very short street, a street where the first house I passed by on the way, was an
obvious bank owned repo, totally trashed, with a love seat and couch, coming out of the smashed picture window, I kid you not.

No way I would buy on that street, no way.

Late addition. I just found this property via and which
is in pending status and this is the first time that I saw this. This is exactly the type of situation that I am looking for, just so you know.
ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 04 09.44

So all way around, I am taking incoming fire from all directions this morning.

If I didn’t have to work today, I would be heading for the desert wide open spaces so fast that it would make my head spin.


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