Sunday, January 29, 2012

The verdict is in on my new Asus Transformer EeePad tablet.

And it ain’t good.

In the last month, the most visited post here on this site has been the one
about using it to post here the first time. That was just a throwaway post and
it shocked me to see all the traffic coming in just for it.

Let me tell you in this second throwaway post about some of my frustrations
and problems with this tablet, that are literally causing my hair to stand on end,
something that defies the laws of physics, considering the lack of said hair to start with.

Today, I attempted to write a serious post about this product and the Android
operating system, using the EeePad and the online tools at the Google Blogger website.

What a horror!

Between the cursor getting lost in the tiny blogger provided box to type in, to the same cursor jumping around the screen, to letters not showing up where typed but above the current location say about 4 paragraphs and then having extreme difficulty correcting that- I think you get the picture.

This product is not ready for primetime yet, especially if you intend to use it for blogging, at least with the Google Blogger site software. And by the way, yes I downloaded the official app from Google to blog with and ended up deleting it, due to other problems.

So if your work requires writing with a keyboard, I think you might want to consider using an electronic stylus with this product. I have read reports that
this type of touch screen works well with a stylus, I don’t know about using it along with handwriting recognition software though. Something to think about before you plunk down your hard earned $549 as I did.

What an idiot I was! Now it is too late to return it and I cannot use it for the main
reason that I bought it in the first place.

There are other reasons for buying one of these. It can play movies, music, etc
just don’t expect to be able to hear it at any appreciable volume level. Fact is the only thing loud is when you play that game “Angry Birds.” That is loud and actually quite fun to play on the 10 inch screen.

I didn’t buy this to play games but at least that part is going okay with this.

Most of my time is spent using it as an electronic reader- currently I am reading a free download entitled “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” or a similar title by Gibbon, you may have heard of it- I have all the volumes on this little device, although it is hard to snuggle up with a good book at night when it is being displayed on a metallic device. If you read it laying on your back with the eBook device over your head, all I can say is don’t nod off, unless you are wearing a helmet!

So I spent all this money to end up using it like a $75 eReader, guess it is true
what that famous man once said, “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

Buy at your own risk. There is extremely minimal documentation inside both
packages, device and keyboard sold as different purchases and you really only need the Eeepad, not the keyboard for most functions. Here is a photo of the documentation provided with both units so you can get an idea of what comes with them. I have put my tiny digicam pouch in the picture for scale, one is about 6 pages, the other 10. The one single sheet is the only information provided about using the operating system, file system, etc.
eepad 004

The above booklets are about 3 1/2 by 5 inches or so, tiny, tiny, tiny!

In fairness to Asus, there is a better online manual available for download, but it
has no instructions for using Android itself.

Another strong bit of advice I offer to those who are contemplating the purchase
of an Android tablet pc, is to be proficient with Android before buying this or any
tablet. I don’t care what anybody says, this isn’t that easy to learn, and there are no idiot or dummy guides yet available to purchase, at least not for this machine that I sprung the hard dough for.

Now comes the part of this unscientific mini “review” where I give my verdict.
thunbsdown 001

The above photo shows me preparing this hatchet job mini-review on my Dell Inspiron 15 laptop
using Windows Live Writer, free blogging software that I do recommend because it just works like you
want it to.

Got that?

And now a money making, sure fire win win for someone proficient with Android and this particular machine, the Asus EeePad. Pleeeeeaaaazzzzzeeee
write a DUMMIES OR IDIOTS GUIDE ASAP, and how about mailing me out
a complimentary copy for giving you the great idea. They are selling millions of these, and I am quite sure that many, many of us would be happy to spend another $20 or so to be able to use our $549 toys!

I know I would, anything to avoid using this as a fancy paper weight.


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