Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yaquitepec and Marshal South, final thoughts.

After sleeping on it, I am still no closer to solving the riddle that was Marshal
South. Odds are that I never will be able to figure him out. As a friend says,
get out of the square box- I am, and it still doesn’t help.

Never in my wildest dreams, would I move anywhere without a water supply,
or in such a remote location such as Ghost Mountain, and especially not during a major economic downturn, but that is exactly what this family did. It
would require a lot more faith than I have, that’s for sure.

Having said all this, it is a historical fact that the family lived atop that barren ridge for about 16 years. The ruins speak to that fact. The historical record proves that it did happen.

Perhaps I will never understand the why, but I can definitely figure out the how,
from my visit to the ruins of the homestead, and from the reading that I have done about the man and the family.

I said in one of the videos that this was “real history.” It was an event that was
ongoing decades ago, and despite vandalism and the weathering effects of time’s passing, you can still go see the site and try to understand what it was like to live there atop that boulder strewn ridge, gazing out upon the magnificent vistas laid out before you- it was and is a moving sight, and it gave me a whole new appreciation of the man who was Marshal South, a man who dreamed of making it on his own terms, far from the madding crowd that is modern day civilization.
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I am very glad that I made this trip, I still don’t get it all, my mind just can’t
totally wrap itself around such a bold act, but it definitely exposed me to another way of thinking, that’s for sure. If one is in the area, I do recommend a visit to Yaquitepec; venture there soon, who knows how long the site will remain in the shape that it is in now.


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