Saturday, January 14, 2012

Your mission is to watch these two videos in their entirety, updated.

Subject matter- the endless wars, with words in one, and extremely graphic
subject matter in the other. First up is Phil Donahue discussing Ron Paul and
being anti- war with Piers Morgan on CNN.

A must see!

Next up is a video from Aletho News which you will never see broadcast on American television news, I guarantee it.

I d/l’d this from Aletho, then couldn’t re- find it, amazing how Google can find anything.

Folks, I have said it here many times. We can’t keep up this bombing and killing of the brown and black peoples of this planet, with out facing some
serious blowback at some point in our future. I believe it will come sooner rather than later.

How long can this mayhem go on before it completely destroys what remains of this country’s soul?

After sleeping on it, my impressions after watching the second video. It is extremely difficult to watch this once you pass the 3 1/2 minute mark. The sounds of the children screaming in terror as missile after cowardly missile
strikes nearby, the destruction unfolding before your very eyes, the scenes
of the little boy being held down in the hospital writhing in pain as they attempt
to clean up his head wounds, the child with the shrapnel wound(?) in the abdomen beyond the point of crying, due to shock- if you have any sense of compassion and decency, these sights will rock you to the core- forget all the
f---ing propaganda coming to you from the American news media- this is hard to watch and to take.

To all the my country right or wronger’s out there, just imagine that is your kid
being held down on that exam table, or you parents that just got vaporized by
that drone missile, how would you feel about it? Wouldn’t you vow that one day, no matter how long it took, that you would get your revenge?

This ain’t no damned video game here, folks. Real people are getting blown to hell across the globe, by young guys sitting at a video game console at Nellis Air Force base.

I hope the guys doing this and those profiting off this un-American policy burn
in hell.