Thursday, February 23, 2012

500th post, but relax it is probably the last one for a while.

I was planning on writing about my playing mountain goat yesterday
but noticed the fact that this would be the 500th post.

500 a nice round number.

Out of the 500 posts scribbled here, maybe 20 or so are worth saving. Scratch that maybe 5 or 6.

Those posts I am proud of, but I prefer to end with what was undoubtedly my
most naive post. That was the one where I suggested that perhaps the richer,
casino owning California Indian tribes might want to consider helping out their
less richpoorer relations such as those facing solar destruction over at Blythe,
a post that thanks to server software, I know for a fact was read at the richer tribe headquarters but, as far as I can tell, was a plea that fell upon profoundly deaf ears.

While I am indulging myself in a little self flagellation, I might as well mention
the many times I pointed out the need to stop Ivanpah in its’ tracks via one or
more of the major environmental group players, siccing their lawyers on the
agencies involved in granting the “kangaroo court” approvals for the project
despite all the evidence against it, NEPA, etc-

I forgot the cardinal rule- the golden rule- those groups have the gold, most of
which probably was coming from corporate donors- how naive could I be- the
lack of understanding demonstrated, of how the world really works, was simply
breathtaking, and I kept on stubbornly insisting on putting the idea out there-
a lawsuit filed at the exact right time, might have stopped the industrialists right in their tracks, forcing them to become more amenable to compromise- you see
this, I am still as full of naivety as a Christmas goose is full of stuffing!

That does it, I will be back, if and only when, I recover from this affliction that I so obviously have, and can discuss the desert destruction in a reasonable manner, free of my inherent bias, which I have so obviously been displaying, here in the pages of my own little blog.