Sunday, February 5, 2012

As suspected on the backporch, proof positive that some environmental groups sold out the deserts, stabbing the Ivanpah Valley and their members right in the back.

Go to this link to read the sordid details of how the mainstream environmental
groups sold out the Mojave and other southwestern U.S. deserts, to prevent
so-called climate change. Go ahead, I’ll still be here building up a head of steam, waiting for your return.

Sacrificing the desert to save the Earth. Environmentalists are torn over the high cost of breaking reliance on fossil fuels. Public comment has been sought, but insiders are calling the shots.

There are too many links to list here from just this blog warning of this very thing. There are too many links to list on activist sites pointing out this very event occurring. But we really had no smoking gun to point to, just suspicions
and an intellectual ability to see through all the obfuscations and other miscellaneous bullshit coming from the various government agencies and
the sorry assed so called conservation groups who some of us thought looked up to John Muir for inspiration but instead were too g--
damned busy holding their greedy hands out collecting all
those Obama bucks raining down upon them like manna from heaven.

Trust me when I tell you, my sincere hope is that these groups end up in the dustbin of history, no punishment is too light in my mind.

Did you read the sickening self serving quote straight from the mouth of Johanna Wald, lead attorney for the NRDC, now home also to another environmental leader and her real good friend Carl Zichella? The same Mr. Z who while serving on the steering committee etc
and other posts did all he could to set the rules in advance that would be just
palatable enough for the enviro groups to swallow, so the damned greedy
industrialists could get their ham hands on as much prime desert ecosystem land as they could, at rock bottom, fire sale prices, land that
should have been preserved for future generations and for the plant and animal species that call it their home now- try making a home when it will end up scraped of the plant life, animals kicked out, bare dirt  compacted and fixed with chemicals or the “humane way” the BS’ers do
it, cutting plants like hundreds of year old yuccas and ancient creosote growth rings to about 18 inches high, and fencing out the animals that used to live there.

Maybe these folks were just naive and not evil, but whichever it was, the result is still the same- environmental destruction and devastation are the bottom line.
I wonder how they sleep at night?

I hiked the Ivanpah SEGS site several times, youtube has a ton of admittedly
poorly shot video by me, documenting the area(to almost no views) under the name Morongobill; no matter what John Woolard said and it is on video on this blog, just because there is a golf course and a couple of dirt roads didn’t stop it from being the almost pristine, perfect desert ecosystem that it was, until the
mainstream environmental groups sold it out, as we now know rather than suspected, allegedly to stop climate change- although some think that possibly thirty pieces of silver might have been involved in the disgusting cold blooded transaction
- nobody really knew the depravity
of the so called leaders in the enviro industry that would lead to such a monumental betrayal to their core mission and to their followers.
ivanpah032410hike 032

Looking toward the sacred metamorphic hill from the site of Ivanpah SEGS unit 3, prior to construction. Soon to be home
to tens of thousands of heliostatic mirrors, we now know that this whole area had one of the largest numbers of endangered
desert tortoises in the Mojave- many of which will die due to their eviction from their home range. Sadly, few seem to care.

And did you catch the truth finally coming out about this greenwashed energy?
Double the price of what you have now! Some warned all along that this shit
wouldn’t come cheap, but nobody listened or cared! So when you plug in your
green electric car one day, think about all the many square miles of desert
bladed over, all the plants scraped away and animals left to die- you asked
for it, you got it.
And it will cost you twice as much to pay for it- no free lunch,
you know.

Folks, we had a chance to stop this long ago. If these groups that some of us have sent money too and supported had listened to their local chapters, the activists- boots on the ground members- and rolled out their heavy legal guns before the ground was broken at Ivanpah, before the pulling the train gang rape of that beautiful, defenseless valley began, as I pointed out many times here in these pages, at the time, this might have been stopped, for sure it would have tossed the big monkey wrench in the industrialists plans and required them to reach out and work other options out- but it didn’t happen and now we know why, don’t we? It’s hard to call the cops and report a rape when you were right there, in on the action, and enjoying it as much as the rapist!

Let me speak very plainly in terms even a village idiot can understand. Anybody
that gives a damn about the desert, if that individual still feels the same way about these groups mentioned- Sierra Club, NRDC, Defenders of Wildlife, and
the Wilderness Society now after reading the L.A Times article, as they did before- you really need to get your head examined, your heart may or may not be in the right place, but the noggin is definitely on the fritz.

I have made some strong statements here, stuff I believe and have believed since I got into this- admittedly coverage of the issue has been neglected here, but my heart has always been on the side of the maintenance and preservation of Ivanpah and the Mojave Desert as it is today. The deserts have been home to it all, nuclear bomb tests, strip mines, ranches, farming, a lot of uses but nothing and I mean nothing that man has done so far comes anywhere close to the thousands of years long devastation that these plants will cause- all
unnecessary if we just looked at all these bare rooftops available to supply the energy required, by placing the solar panels locally upon them, instead of hundreds of miles away.

But that isn’t happening because some enviros in conjunction with the governments, state and federal, all have bought into the big utilities plans where they have finally figured out how to put a meter on the sun’s rays, and we all will end up being the ones who will pay the piper, not them.

Yes, the apologists for the enviros will come out of the woodwork now,
let ‘em. My advice again to all who read this is stop supporting these groups- no more money, no more goodwill, hang up on the bastards, forget
them. Find groups who believe in what John Muir and others believed in,
in saving the beauty of nature and wilderness for the future generations.

They sure as hell ain’t making any more wilderness.



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