Monday, February 27, 2012

For their safety, either merge Mitchell Caverns State Park into the Mojave National Preserve or allow the Chemehuevi Indian Nation to provide the needed security, NOW!

The state of California is broke, without any political will to fix the chronic
budget problems. The Mitchell Caverns are surrounded by the federal Mojave
National Preserve and the obvious thing to do is to join the properties by
the federal government acquiring the park.

Here is the link to a story about recent vandalism at this state park from the
Guzzler blog. You can get the exact details from that article(don’t forget to
come back here)
- in a nutshell, and this is my opinion, it appears that a couple
of meth heads broke in, did about a hundred thousand dollars worth of damage, and were caught at their nearby campsite.

The article goes on to point out that at least 70 other parks will or have been
shuttered already, many of which are in remote locations of the state.

What part of closing these parks in remote areas, and not providing security
does the Brown administration not understand. Don’t those idiots get it? Don’t
they read the newspapers or even look at the billboards along the highways?
The last reference is to the public service announcement billboards warning
of copper wire theft, a significant problem in desert areas, bringing one prison time. Of course, you need rangers or deputies patrolling to arrest them though, an inconvenient truth, our new green governor can’t quite figure out.

It is understood by this blogger that it will be a major undertaking for these parks to be merged. Hence the call to allow the Chemehuevi Indian Nation and
people to come back in to run the place and provide security, right now and
without further delay
, or there might not be a park, or undamaged caverns
left to talk about.

Per the article referenced and previous knowledge of the history of the area, the
Chemehuevi people frequented the caverns for at least a 500 year period. It
is part of their culture, heritage, and history as a people.

It is this blogger’s opinion, that if there had been a Chemehuevi presence onsite, there absolutely would have been no vandalism. Period.

So to the state of California and the state park administration, do yourselves
and the people of California a favor, and pick up the phone and call the Chemehuevi Nation, the tribal government, at (760) 858-4219, and begin the
process of saving this jewel of the California State Park system, now.

Before it is too late and there are no Mitchell Caverns left to protect.