Friday, February 17, 2012

Here's some weekend reading for you, guess which one makes me want to yank out the rest of my hair.

 Let me give you a hint. The last link is to an article written for a renewable energy trade
site by Ms. Johanna Wald, of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Long time visitors here know my opinion of Ms. Wald, I am sure. However, if you are new here, feel free to type Wald in the search box, left side of this page, to be brought up to speed.

Of course, I intend to give my opinions of these articles, but even though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. I am wore out- 45 hours this week and tomorrow will be 15 hours starting at 0300, that's 3 in the morning, pacific time.

I am off Sunday, then work 2 days, then off Wednesday and Thursday. I am sure that my post will be out by then.

Do yourself and the deserts a favor and read those 3 links. Also feel free to comment on those sights- let your voice be heard!