Sunday, February 19, 2012

I guess “climate change” trumps everything, Pt. 2

I did it. I drove out to the desert near Palm Springs today, planning on taking
a hike and maybe even making a second attempt up that ridgeline running up
Mt. San Jacinto again.

But having traveled on the spur of the moment, and not checking a weather
report, I found the low temperature and intense winds too much for bringing
only a windbreaker, so I decided to just drive around.

In my short drive, I discovered that another good-sized PV solar farm is being built near I-10 and Indian, on the north side of the freeway at the corner of the
freeway frontage road and Karen Avenue, which is just a sandy road heading
north toward the windmills.

I tried to take photographs, but the high winds there defeated my cameras image stabilization, and this is what I ended up with at that project. First up is
a still shot taken from video shot as I drove up Karen Avenue along the projects
western edge.
ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 19 20.14

Then I drove around looking for high ground, but within my digicam lens
range, finally ending up on the frontage road across the freeway, here are
a couple of the better, blurry shots. I am not kidding the winds were fierce.
021912palmsprings 001

021912palmsprings 004

Looking through an opening of the fence, you can see the poles ready for panels in the foreground and finished
ones in the background.
021912palmsprings 007

The above photo was taken from high ground, the solar farm is visible in the distance behind those wind towers.
Note all the vegetation around the wind towers for later on in this post.
Below is the best shot from across the freeway, showing clearly the new solar farm being built.
021912palmsprings 017

So according to the sign, it is about 1 mile west of the Indian Avenue exit off I-10.

After taking these shots, the plan was to follow Worsley Road and parallel
Hwy 62, and try to make up my mind, what to do next. Of course, I ended up
going right by the new solar farm at the junction of Dillon Road and Worsley
where I took quite a few shots, again in intense winds.
021912palmsprings 022

021912palmsprings 031

Look at all that bare ground. I guarantee there will be more solar panels mounted later in that spot.
021912palmsprings 034

The photos above are to give you an idea of the scale of this project, using my odometer in the Morongomobile,
it appears to be 3/10 of a mile square.
Now here come some closeups taken from the fence along the Dillon Road side. Again, take a close view at the ground-
on the side of the fence with the panels and on the other side. Take special note of the fence as well.
021912palmsprings 036

021912palmsprings 040

Above, contrast the bare ground underneath the solar arrays with the vegetation which is in the wind turbine area. Which
area do you think would provide shelter and food for animal species and birds, without all the fencing?
021912palmsprings 042

Doubters among you are probably saying to yourself right now- he is being selective, showing only brand new projects-
of course they just bladed it as in all construction projects.

So these photos, taken by me in Yermo near Barstow at the site of the now
decommissioned solar farm which was built years ago by an earlier incarnation
of the company now known as----drumroll please---- and rightly infamous for its’
latest creation in the Ivanpah Valley- BrightSource Energy, and you wonder
why some folks including yours truly, say these "solar “farms” will cause damage which will last in terms of our lifespans, for eternity. Here are some
photos which should make all you “greenies” out there sprout some serious
021311mnptrip 008

021311mnptrip 009

021311mnptrip 010

After all these years, the ground still looks bare with only a little bit of green.
As I and many other opponents have said all along about some of these projects, the only thing green about some is the money being made by the

These photographs were put up here to make a point about what will happen to the Mojave over the next few years if these projects, and by the way, most
are now going to be pv solar arrays like the ones in all the pics here, get built
out per plan. And of course, with these solar and windfarms will be more roads
being built and more transmission towers and lines, and the other detritus of
the modern industrial age.

You can take that prediction to the bank.

Also here is a photo taken in windfarms showing that at least, all the earth isn’t being scraped bare and denuded of all plant life. I realize that isn’t much to throw one’s hat upon, but it is better than what solar pv does as far as damaging the local environment.
12052011pshike 004

You know, in part one of this post the other day, I was pretty hot under the
collar and dog tired. After having a decent night’s sleep and taking a drive
out to the desert, I now realize that in my rant, I failed to point out the things
in that letter that had a lot to do with me losing it.

I will attempt to rectify that oversight right now with a few screen captures of
offending passages in their manifesto in support of these renewable energy
projects being built out in pristine wilderness.
ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 19 21.12
The above paragraph is from p.1. It is really shameless how they say “right place” and “protect desert ecosystems.”
ScreenHunter_04 Feb. 19 21.17

The above paragraph regarding the desert tortoise is the perfect example of bureaucratic double speak- I mean you
can’t make this shit up folks! By the time these clowns make their decision, the desert tortoise population may be on
life support. That paragraph was from p.3. The following is from p.5.
ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 19 21.21
The next screen shot is the rest of that section.
ScreenHunter_06 Feb. 19 21.22
The above 2 paragraphs I don’t completely understand but it sounds like they will be building on steep slopes such as bajadas.

And now for the icing on this shitty cake they want us to eat, the paragraph
that pissed me off the most, breathtaking in its’ audacity and hypocrisy!
ScreenHunter_07 Feb. 19 21.25

For those of you not yet hip to the references to Ivanpah and Pisgah, allow me
to give you a quick update. Ivanpah will be home to the being built Ivanpah
SEGS by BrightSource Energy, as well as two others to be built by First Solar,
and if my memory is correct, those two will both be photovoltaic panel farms- you might want to scroll back up to the ground photos above for previews of what is to come there, and Pisgah, refers to K Road Solar’s giant solar farm
planned near Newberry Springs in the Mojave, in an area even richer in endangered species, than Ivanpah.
solarone 007

These aren’t all the things in this letter that piss me off, my thoughts about
one of their refrains- first thing that came to my mind- mitigate, shitigate! They
ain’t gonna mitigate a damn thing! Kind of like BrightSource’s serious mitigation
proposals for all the desert tortoises they are killing, to buy land at higher ground where tortoise’s don’t live, and the bureaucrats accepting the proposal.

I wonder how in the hell they kept a straight face? If I were in their positions, I
would be hard pressed to keep a shit-eating grin off my face, that’s for sure. You talk about selling somebody a pig in a poke!

If this isn’t enough two-faced hypocrisy for you, go take a look at the PEIS
report that all these enviro groups are falling all over for. But that will have to be a subject for another day.

Allow me to again, for the umpteenth time, reiterate what BrightSource’s  kinder
and gentler approach to the land at Ivanpah SEGS really means, and this is especially for those Greens driving around in their electric cars- you know the cars that you plug in to sockets that are probably getting their juice from those so called “clean coal” burning plants over in Navajo country-
the B’S’ers have decided to gently mow the existing vegetation to a height of around 18 inches or so, some plants of course being hundreds of years old, all of this so that their precious heliostatic mirrors can do their jobs without competition, just as they have evicted every damned animal inside their state of the art, 911 antiterrorist fencing, leaving only the birds that can escape being caught in the deadly hot reflections off those mirrors aimed toward the receiving towers, said birds of course risking incineration. Below is a screenshot showing their humane mowing method in action.
ScreenHunter_08 Feb. 19 21.50

The above screen shot was taken from an excellent post over at the Mojave
Desert Blog and can be read here. I strongly suggest that you make that a
daily stop for the most up to date Mojave Desert information, especially regarding renewable energy development.

So there you have it, my day and the reasons for being irritated by that manifesto signed onto by the money grubbing, corporate cash loving, two faced so called environmental groups along with their partners they are so
obviously in bed with, such as First Solar and BrightSource, to name just a

Read it and weep, then slap yourself upside the old noggin and vow never to fall for their sales pitch again.

Go ahead, do it, I did, and I feel a heck of a lot better.

Those enviros that signed off on this can go straight to hell, as far as I am concerned.

That’s just how we feel about it out on the backporch.