Monday, February 13, 2012

Scariest thing that I have read in a long time.

Sometimes we talk politics out on the backporch but I don’t recall
anyone giving as dire a warning about our political future in this
country as in this article.

Written by Paul Craig Roberts formerly in a Republican administration-
exactly which one escapes me at the moment- he sounds the alarm
on behalf of an often thought of and then ignored historical document,
our 200+ year old constitution.

When you hear serious news stories talking of up to 30,000 drones about
to be unleashed upon our “homeland” for  so called searching for terrorists
and then you read this article, it is something to think about.

Note to my readers- Mr. Roberts is someone I respect, I don’t care what political
party he belongs to. From my reading about the man, I can recommend that you read his article, no matter if you are conservative or liberal in your politics.

Well worth a read!


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