Friday, February 10, 2012

Stopping the desert’s industrialization. Time’s a wasting folks.

We can start by dropping the collegial approach.

They say near some waterholes scattered through the desert, that you
will find bees all around, clinging tightly to the water source, or in the air waiting for an open spot to land, to get their share. Most are docile and just
want to be left alone.

There has been another group of bees that have come in and started taking over in places, the africanized honey bee, and as the following video shows,
they are anything but docile. They sting in a mob, to kill, and there are reports of people being chased very long distances, of bees even waiting over a pond
waiting for their target to come so they can sting him some more.

Might be time to buy a bee suit, if you work for one of the enviro groups that sold out Ivanpah.

Having come late to this struggle, not really becoming aware of it until I started
blogging, I know that I am way behind. But I also can read sign and the sign I am reading is not good. It sure looks like the deserts are well on their way to becoming an industrial wasteland- and there doesn’t seem to be any interest among the regular folk out there in the heartland to stopping it. Hell, most of them don’t know anything about it, and if they hear something, it will have come from our corporate owned media.

But if this destruction can be stopped, it will happen because the average, common folk want it to stop. The elites and their minions- the minions, you know like those over at the Sierra Club or the Wilderness Society, just to name two that readily come to mind- have worked hard and long with the governments and the industrialists, and have come up with this plan for desert renewable energy, or desert destruction as some call it, based on the premise that, in simple words, man has burned up too much carbon and for so long, that the earth is at a tipping point, and if we don’t act right now, and stop the carbon going into the atmosphere, life on this planet, as we know it, will become harder and the planet could begin getting hotter and hotter, imperiling our future on this earth. Now did I miss anything?

To this end, the carbonmentalist groups listed above along with Defenders of
Wildlife and the Natural Resources Defense Council(man that name is a mouthful) schemed with the government agencies and the industrialists to allow BrightSource Energy and Bechtel to begin construction of the Ivanpah SEGS solar plant on pristine desert ecosystem, with one of the largest concentrations of endangered species in the whole Mojave, an action that once would have precipitated a legal battle royal over the NEPA act and other federal laws designed to prevent such very actions from happening; an action desert activists desperately hoped would occur, as the courts were really the only hope for at least slowing this process down or stopping it altogether- but said activists were instead told to shut up, let the grownups handle this- and the 4 groups mentioned above then sat on their hands and let the destruction take place.

Only the Western Watersheds Project filed suit, after the groundbreaking had begun.

But this is all history, water under the bridge- what can we do now?

But first, you may have heard of Bill McKibbon of 350.ORG, a man I dare say should have the title of the Messiah of the carbonmentalism movement. He is now taking a lot of credit for stopping this Keystone Pipeline Project, and has been the guru of the anti- carbon movement for a long time. Recently, he made a serious claim, that the oil companies should write down twenty trillion dollars of oil and gas reserves, that we should leave them in the ground, that if they were burned, it would be the tipping point that once passed, would put earth into the final act- game over in other words.

Now this is a complicated subject and I am not good at counting past my fingers and toes, so I turned to an expert source for clarification on those numbers.

Do the facts matter anymore? Or not?

I suggest that you right click on that link and check it out. I believe the writer
conclusively proves, once and for all, that this time McKibbon has got his “facts” wrong. Of course, my question is how do we know that this isn’t the first time they were wrong?

This guy McKibbon has been leading the charge on climate change for a long time. And he has plenty of disciples. I dare say that many of those disciples are
well placed inside the Defenders of Wildlife, the Wilderness Society, the Sierra Club, and the NRDC(I ain’t typing that long name again!)and their influence
derived from their belief in McKibbon’s and others gospels, and are what led to the unprecedented decision to abandon the core missions of saving wilderness, and instead to sacrifice the deserts to “save the planet.”

I am not good with math, I admit it. But I do have a good nose for hypocrisy and
bullcrap. And it seems to me that the other side is just full of it. My guess is these inflated McKibbon numbers are not the first, nor will they be the last- but
whatever, they did in fact work. They worked well enough to get the high ups
in those four environmental groups to abandon their core mission, and to get
their own people placed in the ground floor to help set up rules favorable to
the industrialists, so that once they told them that they wouldn’t sue to stop the projects, the energy gold rush would be on, and that the activists who they derided and silenced, then would be unable to mount any defense capable of stopping the onslaught.

The plan worked like a charm, didn’t it?

Finally though, it seems like people are starting to catch on to their lies and
obfuscations as this mainstream media article points out. And let me also
suggest that you head over to the Mojave Desert Blog and read a very well
reasoned and written article about the Wilderness Society being all for
desert destruction(my emphasis) as long as solar and wind farms are put up on the spot

This is what I am talking about, dear readers. These articles, while scholarly, have the same effect as a mad africanized honey bee’s stinger. These articles
just stung the hell out of those, dare I say Quisling enviro groups! We need
to put on a full court press, spot a lie and sic the hive of angry bees right on the liar. In my opinion, these folks in the groups mentioned and amongst the bureaucracies both state and federal have gotten just a little too big for
their britches
, a little full of their own self importance, a little bit too self righteous in their having the only belief system worth anything, their opinions
on global warming and climate change being the baseline gospel that all efforts to try to understand the problem will be predicated upon, and since we now see that perhaps we have caught their Messiah in a misunderstanding, that their whole edifice of beliefs might as well be full of misunderstandings as well. Since I do have a little charity, I will give their Messiah the benefit of the doubt, and call what he said a misunderstanding. Some however may insist upon calling it a lie, as is their right.

They are a house of cards just waiting to knocked over.

Don’t get me wrong, as I do believe that things are happening with the climate
and I think, for sure, man had something to do with it. The extent of that responsibility has not truly been assessed, contrary to the Right Reverend
McKibbon’s philosophy
, at least in my opinion.

You see people, when you practice the Big Lie, speed is of the essence. You
cannot allow others time enough to disprove your arguments. Think about it a
minute. Haven’t you noticed, all the push to rush, rush, rush these projects through? The climate is changing, you idiots, can’t you see that? That is
the impression that I have been getting at least. All the shortcuts in the review process, the trampling upon the NEPA process which is supposed to be sacrosanct per the federal laws, and other issues, all swept under the proverbial rug- rules? who gives a damn about rules?the climate is changing you fools! we don’t have time for rules! we know what’s best for you! go home and leave these important matters to us, your betters.

A note of friendly warning to our so called “betters”- we know what you are up to and we are going to start stinging the hell out of you. We are going to expose your lies and put you in your proper place, the rubbish bin for your sellout of our public lands. Riding you spreadsheet reading jerks out of town
on a rail, is too good for you. We won’t be satisfied until you are totally discredited and consigned to the shithole you so richly deserve.

A good start has been made toward that goal. We all can do only what we are capable of as individuals. A little or a lot, depending upon his or her skill sets.
But as a group, with right on our side, a band of brothers and sisters united in a love and appreciation for wilderness, who knows what we are capable of accomplishing? Yes, we need to rush as well. Because every day passing by is another day of potential mischief for these self righteous pole up their asses
do gooders and bureaucrats, who haven’t seen a desert bulldozing project that they don’t fawn over.

They have to be stopped.

The best time to have done it was before groundbreaking at Ivanpah- it didn’t happen folks because the insiders had the only seats at the table and they sold us and the deserts out. Now is the time to exact some measure of payback, revenge it used to be called. As that noted financier, Billy Ray Valentine, once opined- “the best way to get even with rich people is to turn them into poor people.”

No truer words were ever spoken. You can do your part by telling them where to go when you get their next solicitation for funds or membership. Fill up their
postage paid envelope with dirt and mail it back as a reminder of all the dirt being dug up out in the deserts, just an idea, you see.

If we can stop future desert projects, ongoing research will provide other ways of achieving the goal of reducing carbon. By using local resources available to us from the very beginning- rooftops and degraded lands nearby the end-users. The problem with this though is that it directly affects the utility companies monopoly- it is hard to make money when your customers don’t need your product. That is the problem now- these companies have figured out how to meter the sun, and they are going to do it, with the help of the government, Wall Street, and the environmental groups such as the Gang of Four mentioned throughout this post. Somebody has to stop them and it looks like it will have to be We the People.

Or we can just sit on our hands, let them bulldoze all of the deserts, and next will be the forests- got to create them high paying jobs you know- and when will it end? Of course, by that time, we will be broke but some would probably still celebrate their green energy, and no doubt go out and pick up bottles to sell, so that they can send in their Sierra Club dues-

Is this an interesting time that we live in or what? Do you want to try to do something to help stop the destruction or not?

At some point, each of us will have to make a stand.

It is truly our choice.



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