Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A story to make a point- re: Ivanpah SEGS being built and what we can do about it.

Several years ago, I decided that I was tired of hearing my company van rattle
and roll up the four wheel drive road that led to my Morongo Valley house in
the desert, and felt that it was time to move back into town- to Joshua Tree.
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So I went with the agent that sold me the house, we settled on an asking price and I went about cleaning and straightening up for the sale.

It was a standard 6 month listing and I had a few people look and then another
agent brought a young couple over, who looked around, and then made an
offer a few days later. It not only was a very lowball offer but was one of the
deals where I would take a second mortgage.
Of course, I did not make any

A few days later, my agent called me and gently chastised me for not responding to the offer.

In no uncertain terms, I advised him to never bring me another offer like that one, that it was an insult, that he had carte blanche to turn down any similar offers, and I told him exactly who my buyer would be.

The buyer would probably be another male looking for solitude, that would love to live in the last house at the end of the dirt road, and would probably have a job like I had, where he could live anywhere he wanted.

A few weeks later, a male nurse for an agency made a full price offer which I
accepted. I will never forget the wonder in my real estate agent’s voice when
he called to tell me that I was right, and that a buyer had shown up just as I predicted.

Now if you will scroll up to the top of the page, between the photograph and the big type that says “Morongobill’s Backporch,” you will see “Whistleblowers click here!”

That link directs you to a stand alone page on this site where I am looking for
a certain individual(s). An individual who works or did work for either a government agency involved with renewable energy permitting in the southern
California deserts or perhaps with one of the following environmental groups:

Defenders of Wildlife
the Wilderness Society
Natural Resources Defense Council
Sierra Club

The purpose of the page is to obtain information relating to these four groups
decision to sit on the sidelines and not file legal challenges to the building of
Ivanpah SEGS by BrightSource Energy and Bechtel Corporation in the pristine
Ivanpah Valley at the California stateline.

I am not going to remake the same arguments that I have made many times here. But I will say that I did tell you so; several times here on these pages
that a deal had been made in my opinion, and why it was a bad deal for the deserts, and that the opportunity was lost to make a stand at the exact right time.
Oh well, what can you do?

This is what I can do. Just ask for the information from anonymous sources
or publicly if they can stand the heat, and run with it. Someone out there knows
what really happened, lots of well placed people do. But they aren’t talking.

The lesson of the above story is this. I have patience and I know I am right with
this. Someone out there feels terrible about what is happening now in the deserts, about all the destruction to habitat going on; and though they are not
responsible, it is starting to eat at their soul and their conscience- the fact that
their group or agency didn’t stand up for what is right, did not stand up as good
honest stewards for the public lands and interests- but took the cowardly way
out, refused to fight, and stood aside and watched as the raping of the public
lands began.

And this person is finally ready to get this crushing weight off their shoulders,
this feeling of guilt and responsibility- it is part of being human to take some credit or blame even if one is not directly responsible- to help expiate this feeling by helping the rest of us understand just what went on at the time, and
to answer the question- why didn’t the lawyers file the lawsuits to stop this
destruction in the desert, when they had the best chance of winning?

I am confident that such a person is out there. I make this promise, before
God the Almighty: if you provide this information, I will publish it here. If you
desire to remain anonymous, I will do all in my power to keep your identity a secret. I will not be judgmental about you, but supportive. We, the people,
need this inside knowledge that you possess. It is too late to stop the ongoing projects probably, but getting these details out on the past actions by so called
”stewards of the environment and public lands” might teach these folks that
were involved a valuable lesson, one hard learned, that when you ignore the wishes of the folks who work for you or support you- you might find yourself
kicked to the curb, and on the outside looking in.
archivecd18 003

So I will ask again, if you know of anyone who participated in the decision to
forgo a challenge to the building of the Ivanpah SEGS project, at a time when
such a legal move might have forced this whole renewable energy policy to
be re-evaluated, or if you were involved, or have knowledge about this, please
contact me, we will work out the ground rules, and see that this information
and the individuals involved will see the light of the day, will no longer be in
the shadows- after all, these groups and individuals were so enamored with
solar, it is only fair that they face the solar spotlight.

I will patiently await your input.


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