Saturday, February 25, 2012

Unabashedly ecocentric, with no intention to change.

For days, off and on, I have been reading Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist over at Orion magazine online- reading a few paragraphs
and then going on to something else, thinking about what was discussed.
Savoring each and every word, in no rush to finish an article which seems
to tell exactly how I have started feeling over the last few years, especially
about the deserts.

Using different terminology than myself, and obviously much better educated,
the writer, Peter Northgate, has pretty much laid it out there in the open, clearly
showing how the environmental movement has been hijacked, and also just
inevitable it was, that it was bound to happen and it did.

In a nutshell, he is saying that some care for nature for what it is and what it represents, others care only as long as nature can be used for man’s benefit,
no matter to the consequences to the environment.

At long last, I know the camp that I belong to, by its’ rightful name.

Having suffered for a long while from doubts, about the purpose of this blog
and my whole purpose for writing it, as inconsequential and inane as it is at
times- the way forward is clear now.

This blog and its’ writer are unabashedly ecocentric. I will make no apologies
for being selfish, for loving the wild and beautiful Mojave as it is now, and as
I hope that it will continue to be.

I make no bones about this fact- left to their own devices, the spreadsheet
toting, never saw a wilderness site that couldn’t be improved by the
addition of wind turbines, solar mirrors, and transmission line- the
carbonmentalists will destroy this Mojave Desert that some love-
hand in glove with the government, Wall Street, and the renewable energy
companies, these so called environmentalists or carbonmentalists, will, as the
article states, attempt to reduce evil incarnate carbon in ways such as the
following lines so brilliantly illuminate, “the wild uplands, are to be staked out like vampires in the sun, their chests pierced with rows of five-hundred-foot wind turbines and associated access roads, masts, pylons, and wires.”

Doesn’t that just make you want to pick up your checkbook and write out a great big check to the Sierra Club, or the NRDC, or whoever? Write that great
big old check so that groups like these can keep on aiding and abetting the industrialists’ destruction of wilderness, ignoring their founder’s visions of saving the wild places as they are now, and for all times, so that future generations can enjoy them, so that the history these places symbolize will continue to be handed down from one generation to the next,
in perpetuity.

Yes, something is going to be handed down all right, if the carbonmentalists
win this battle. A raped old earth, wore out, staked down, all beauty gone except for token patches, carefully chosen, and not too many I would bet, to
show how it was, before the evil carbon started taking over, and the
carbonmentalists’ decision to destroy the planet, to save it.

You know something, I still haven’t finished that article. I am still reading a few
paragraphs at a time. I could probably write the ending, myself. I think I know
how it will end, as I have felt these same thoughts for a long time.

I am not going anywhere, I will not stop writing about this issue, and I definitely
will not change one opinion that I have- this modern day environmental
carbonmentalism movement, at its’ very core is simple- all they really are
deep down, is just a bunch of greedy sons of bitches that want to keep
things going, keep the money flowing, keep the power flowing to them
and their cronies, to destroy the earth so that they can justify their new
religious views, using carbon as the pretext to remake the wilderness in their own image.

In other words, it is just the same old shit sandwich, presented to us in a brand
new wrapper, baked to perfection.

They can shove their crap sandwich where their beloved sun doesn’t shine.