Thursday, February 2, 2012

Unbelievable end to hike Monday.

Made a return visit out to windmills near I-10 and Hwy 111 near Palm Springs
with the goal to revisit the possible spring and to perhaps hike a little further along the mountain’s base, heading toward Banning.
12052011pshike 008

The springs are the green area in the distance at the foot of the mountain.

It was great weather for hiking, 65 degrees when I got there, bright sunshine,
and virtually no wind to speak of. Perfect!

So after crossing the double railroad tracks, I made my way to the wash at the base of the long arm of the mountain, the ridge that I tried climbing before, and followed the dirt road that follows alongside the windmills until it T’s into the dirt road that hugs the base of Mt. San Jacinto. In a mile or so, I made it to the
shady area that is the springs.
013012pshike 001

I sat on the smaller rock and laid my android tablet case on the larger rock. My orange windbreaker,
I hung on the handy tree limbs.

013012pshike 002

Above the view looking out of my hidden “cave.” I was looking out at this view when a strange event occurred.

I had just taken a photo looking out at the world outside when my cell rang.
One of my roommates was calling to tell me that a police officer was at the door
back home in Orange County, wondering if I was all right. Seems that the CHP
had spotted my car parked along the frontage road off I-10 and was concerned that perhaps I was in some sort of trouble. After assuring the officer of my safety and telling him about the hike, he said he would pass the information to the CHP.

Ringing off, I decided to go outside and looking way over across the desert, I saw that the CHP car was still parked behind mine, and figuring that a ticket was in store for illegal parking perhaps, I decided to cut my hike short and made it back to the morongomobile.

The video version of what I wrote about.

Luckily for me there was no ticket on my windshield.

By the way, I took my Asus EeePad, to test out a trial version of ViewRanger,
software that allows you to use your iPhone or iPad, or Android phone or pad as gps device.

The software did work but I recommend you use it only with a phone and not
with a 10” tablet. The big tablets are not very convenient to use in the field.

If you have a smartphone this is a very inexpensive gps system, provided your
phone has gps built in. The software is about $3 as a downloaded android app.

That is well worth a purchase and gets a thumbs up from me.



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