Saturday, March 31, 2012

Prominent environmental activist, Sandra Steingraber, leaves the Sierra Club- turns out the deserts aren’t the only thing the Sierra Club’s national leadership betrayed.

Another day, another controversy involving those paragons of carbonmentalist
, Michael Brune and the Sierra Club leadership. Now their lies have driven off one of their main supporters, Sandra Steingraber, a long time activist against natural gas fracking, especially as it regards the Marcellus Shale along the New York and Pennsylvania border.

Ms. Steingraber has written an eloquent and moving piece over at Orion Magazine, my new favorite magazine, which can be read in its entirety here or
at the Commondreams site. I strongly suggest you read that piece before
continuing here. Go ahead, we will wait for you.

Here are a few links which discuss this latest Sierra Club misstep into the dunghill that is corporate donorship. Note the mea culpa article written by
the new head honcho at the Sierra Club, Michael Brune, followed by articles
which call him out- is Brune a liar, or did he just forget the $25,000,000
already received prior to the $26,000,000 he writes about?

Why the Sierra Club turned down $26 million in contributions from natural gas interests

Sierra Club Tells Members – We Don’t Take Money from Chesapeake Energy – When in Fact They Took $25 Million

The last is the Time Magazine exclusive investigative report on this issue.

My first reaction after reading the resignation letter and then the 3 other articles
is that John Muir and Rachel Carson must be rolling over in their graves now at
these further revelations regarding the Sierra Club.

I have written repeatedly my views about this modern leadership of the Sierra Club, which you can discover by using the Search box to the left- insert brune
or Pope or Zichella among other search terms to check it out- I won’t bore
everyone else by repeating those arguments here, except to say that before I
argued that they were helping to kill a complete functioning desert ecosystem,
now they have graduated to helping the natural gas interests destroy the water table used by their fellow human beings, those that live in areas where fracking occurs. Strong words, you betcha! Do I believe them, absolutely! Will anyone else listen or care? Hell no!

Actually the legal department at the SC or at the fracking industry might be interested, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Let me put this out there for your consideration. A few times I have written here
that the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council had their
insiders placed in high places when and where the regulations were being written to facilitate the industrialization of the Mojave and other deserts for the
purpose of using them for renewable energy production. No one has refuted those charges, probably due to the fact that you can find the names on the rosters at the time. You look at what all has happened since then, how things
have worked out, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure it out.

Now we find out that the “ultimate insider,” Brune was in on the donations scam
involving the natural gas fracking interests- why take the donations? What schemes were being cooked up in Sierra Club headquarters? Maybe he didn’t
solicit the “donations” but he sure didn’t own up to them, did he? We found out
from Time Magazine didn’t we?

You know these large environmental groups remind me of an onion. When you peel away at the outer layers, unlike in a real onion, you get into a pretty sordid
mess inside that is not viewable from the outside or by the membership, rank and file, of the organization. Again, though, I ask the question- do the average members even give a damn about this latest imbroglio, if in fact they have heard of it?

I am not so sure that they even care.

We are now in the midst of a great building going on out in the desert wilderness that is the southwest. I haven’t heard or seen too many complaints
coming from rank and file enviro group members. When I come across comments to web articles I usually see them parroting the line from headquarters about the dangers of climate change and sacrifices being required.

So in my mind, these folks are also part of the problem, and not the solution,
vis a vis saving the deserts from its fate that was preplanned and preordained by the leadership of the very environmental groups that they are so proud to belong to.

Time will tell, if that attitude will be manifested this time around. This new issue will directly affect some of these folks, I believe. Last time I looked, nobody was living out on the Ivanpah or Blythe sites, human I mean, but lots of folks live
where fracking is going on- what will it take to get them “fired up” about the dangers that they are going to living with, from now on into the forseeable future? Or again, will they not care?

Part of me says as long as they can buy bottled water, and have power to run their Xbox, they won’t care.

I hope that cynical part of me is wrong this time around.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fry’s Electronics- Anaheim- customer “no service” 03272012 around 1030 am.

This morning I came across this online ad from their website.
ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 27 11.31

Two competing netbooks, something that I can really use after giving away my Asus Eeepad. I had to check the
reviews for the Lenovo(formerly known as IBM.)
Lenovo Thinkpad X120e Review

Having experienced first hand the dreaded HP power jack problem, I didn’t
consider the HP even though priced a Ben Franklin less than the Lenovo.

I was fired up, ready to buy, shaved and with a fresh haircut, I didn’t look
like a desert rat who had hiked on a ridgeline just the day before- and had
a Fry’s Electronics credit card in my pocket with a limit high enough to buy
virtually any computer that they had in the department- but do you think that
I got any service?

Hell no.

I walked the whole department looking for this netbook, even looking at one or
two full size laptops and was ignored. I spent almost 10 minutes with this particular unit, turning it around and even upside down, looking at all the features, played a video that was on its’ hard drive, and never got a single glance from the young salespeople order takers who were standing at their little
hangout area(the store cash register/computer at the front of the area by the aisle) only 2 netbooks away from where I was located waiting in vain for service.

This customer “no service” wasn’t the only problem that I found. I also looked for a Lenovo pad which they had advertised at a very good price- of course, the
paper card with the price on it was laying at the display area, but the unit itself was missing. Fry’s veteran shoppers will of course back me up on this surmise
of mine- mysteriously the lower priced items seem to be often missing, but the higher priced items are right there!

What is particularly galling about this whole episode is the fact that my friend,
Leroy Murray, a fellow blogger, and a damned good salesman who has done retail sales successfully, never even got a callback from Fry’s- he dropped off
an application at this very location a few months ago- and never heard back from them.

Obviously Fry’s would rather hire young(they will work cheap) order takers than to bring aboard someone that might actually sell somebody
something, that is the lesson that I took from that incident.

So what do you do about such incompetence? I take my cue from Billy Ray Valentine, noted financier, who said that “the best way to get even with rich
people is to turn them into poor people.” Hence my little post today. I am not so
egocentric that I believe telling about my experience will make a difference.
It won’t.

However, I will also be sending this as an email to their corporate office, prior
to posting, to whoever I can find an email address for in an upper management position, and my fondest wish would be that this would go downhill, and roll right into that computer section, where everyone seemed to be doing their best to ignore customers, and that they all will get religion, fast, and discover a truth
that in this case will be hard won, to make sales you have to interact with the customer- some customers are old fashioned like me, and will not beg
to be waited on so that they can spend their hard earned dough with folks
who act like they are just crap on their shoes- you dig?

I realize that I am just a small time blogger but have often said that I have had some influential visitors from time to time here. Just so you won’t think that I am
pulling your leg, here are a couple of such visitors from my weblogs, for your
perusal. This is presented strictly for information purposes only and not to brag.
ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 27 12.04

Or perhaps this one.
ScreenHunter_03 Mar. 27 12.07

Here is a copy of the email I will be sending to the Fry’s bosses as soon as I can, and prior to this post going online.
ScreenHunter_04 Mar. 27 12.47

Having been to this particular Fry’s many times, and been ignored many times, I guess I have finally had my fill with this customer “no service” and am using this venue to make that displeasure known.

Read it and weep. Then go to one of their many competitors and find someone who ain’t afraid to talk to you.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Last day of my vacation, so I went out by the windmills to hike and check out a new camera(to me.)

Same destination near I-10 and Hwy 111 and the windmills, today 4.3 miles
in the wind, with a 500 foot drop on a jeep trail down the sandy mountainside.
All photographs shot with a Fujifilm Finepix S2950 digicam.
032612pshike 005

032612pshike 007

The above photo is taken at the maximum wideangle. Can you spot the Morongomobile?
032612pshike 008

The Morongomobile above at the maximum 18X zoom, equivalent to 500 mm, with image stabilization on.
032612pshike 013

The jeep trail I ended up going down is to the far left of this photo. Mt. San Jacinto is in the background.
032612pshike 014

I still think that this is a native American trail from centuries ago, the Pacific Crest Trail runs at the base of this ridge
at this point on the left side of the photo.
032612pshike 017

Another view of the trail.
032612pshike 010

Pretty steep walk up that switchback road in the distance on that hillside.
Below is the shot of the day using the camera’s builtin panorama mode.
032612pshike 018

Below is the hillside that I came down, almost straight down, so slowly and carefully in the loose sand that my
Garmin GPS said I wasn’t moving.
032612pshike 023
Below is the last panoramic shot as I was almost back to my car.

032612pshike 028

The last 10 days, I have had my share and fill of rain and thunderstorms.
This morning it was choppy weather in the OC and it was overcast almost all the way out to the desert. Most of the day out there, clouds were built up over the mountain. I probably would have been better off doing less hiking and
more photography, but after being cooped up so much the last few days, I
just had to get out there and do some walking up and down the hills- surprisingly my legs and feet feel pretty good right now, considering how much
they were used today.

It was real good to get out the last few days, and to get away from the Disneyland area, but my time is up, and that is where I will be tomorrow. My
new days off are back to Sundays and Mondays, maybe I will catch up with
you out on the trail!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back from my little trip to the Ozarks, here are a few pics and some news.

First the news. The Asus Eeepad is no longer in my possession, I have given
it to my brother in Arkansas. It is his problem now.

I left driving out from his place at 0645 California time yesterday morning, and pulled into my driveway about 1330 this afternoon. 1591 hard miles under my belt. The Morongomobile handled the long drive with ease and gas mileage
ranged from 30 to a high of 32.4 miles per gallon; remember this is a large car

I still haven’t went to sleep yet.

It rained almost everyday of my trip and hard everyday while at my brother’s place in the foothills. Despite that, none of us came down with cabin fever.

Here are the photo’s, the first is a quick shot of one of their Yorkshires.
032012arkansas_pics 187

What are you looking at?
032012arkansas_pics 177

They will write you a ticket in Arkansas and Oklahoma for going one mile over the speed limit. Don’t believe me, believe
this sign.
032012arkansas_pics 175

The Morongobill’s reading material at a motel in Clinton, Oklahoma. I decided to stay for one night here due to the awful
weather in the Oklahoma City area on this day.
The following shots were taken in Oklahoma out closer to the stateline area where there is a lot of wind.
arkansas_fuji 002

arkansas_fuji 003

arkansas_fuji 004

I saw quite a few wind turbines in Texas and Oklahoma off I-40. This is a very
windy plain and if the farmers and ranchers decide they would like to allow these turbines to be put up, I don’t have a problem with it.

Glad to be back in the saddle, so to speak.

Come back again any time.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have had it with this Asus Eeepad.

The final straw tonight- understand the keyboard part of this device has two usb ports- was being unable to move
files from a usb stick inserted to the internal storage. At the time, I had 2 file manager apps installed, in addition
to the file manager that device comes with. Also there is no right click option with the touchpad, unlike Windows,
and it is not intuitive to try to figure this problem out.

So I reset this tablet and am starting over- sure is a good thing that I brought my Dell Inspiron- so I can maybe get some
work done while on this trip.

The plan behind the reason to purchase this device was to use it for an ereader, a music and video player, to use it to blog here,
and to do some basic photo editing possibly.

It has not worked out as all.

And I am about out of patience with this machine.

I was led to believe it was intuitive, not to me, it isn't.

Unless something changes fast, this thing is going bye bye and I will sell it for whatever I can get.

I cannot suggest that anyone buy this unless they are a total android expert.

I highly recommend that you do not buy this product until Asus makes it more intuitive.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Heading to Arkansas tomorrow

To the Ozarks about 50 miles east of the Oklahoma stateline to be exact.

This despite this rain storm we are experiencing in socal at the moment.

Normally I would take I-40 but Flagstaff is about to get 15 inches of snow, so I think the southern route, I-10, to Las Cruces, then head northeast
up to Amarillo and I-40 on to my destination is the safest way.

I will try to put up some short posts enroute.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finally shamed into follow through regarding missing blog videos plus the joy of commenting.

Some of you may recall that I recently lost it with Youtube and yanked down all
my videos. I promised at the time that I would move said videos to my Vimeo
account. By the way, I have made no progress toward that, at least not until tonight.

I received a nice comment regarding some missing videos which motivated me to put up the missing videos from that post tonight.

You can read the comment and my response and watch the videos by clicking

The main problem will be with the older posts, such as the ones with videos made at Ivanpah, pre- solar construction, as some of those were made using
Google’s Blogger and not Windows Live Writer which I use now.

There is a good possibility that those videos may have to be put on a special page dedicated for them on this blog, but I will try to replace them on the original pages first.

The title is correct. Although I am sure it wasn’t my commenter’s intent, I am ashamed at my lack of follow through.

There are a lot of videos to do, and I will try to do a few every other day or so.

I would like to thank anonymous for his gracious comment, feel free to comment anytime, and that goes to the rest of you reading this as well.

This blog while written by me, has been strengthened several times by reader comments- here is an example of what I am talking about. I was so impressed that I wrote about the comment in this October, 2010 post.

And by the way, that turned out to be my 2nd highest read post ever with this blog, all due to an interested reader co-participant in this blogging process.

I never enjoyed blogging more than the day that I wrote my share of that post.

Shame and exhilaration, all in one post today, I don’t think I can top this!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Maybe desert preservationists should take their friends wherever they can find them.

There was a story today in the Guzzler entitled "Free the American West."
It was written by Robert H. Nelson, and appeared in the Hoover Institution’s
Policy Review magazine in February, 2012.

Now dear readers, you are surely aware that I am liberal in my political beliefs,
and you may not be aware that the Hoover Institution is unabashedly conservative, home to such pundits as Thomas Sowell, among others.

I confess that I read the above article with a jaundiced eye but decided to
further investigate by going to the original article from the magazine and also
doing further research in the Hoover Institution’s archives.

What I found blew me away.

I found some kindred souls who evidently don’t believe the carbonmentalist’s
claims any more than I do, and who also saw the renewable energy boon-
doggle as a lot of desert activists did, as just another way to enrich campaign supporters and Wall Street.

Another interesting point of view that never occurred to me was their take on the
California renewable energy bill, AB 32; you know the one that requires that the state get a large share of its’ energy from renewable sources, said bill leading directly to the raping of the California desert wilderness, along with
huge financial and regulatory help from the federal government.

California attempted to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by implementing this AB 32, unfortunately, this unilateral action has no effect on any other government anywhere in the world, including China which is building
coal fired plants like there is no tomorrow, and of course the smog they produce will blow right across the ocean, you guessed it, to the Golden State. Cynics might also note that most of the solar panels required by AB 32 will most likely end up being made--- you guessed it, in China, so they’ll have it both ways. They will sell us the solar panels to help alleviate the global warming caused by the smog that they produced in the first place.

California, on the other hand, as the Hoover Institution writers point out, with this draconian legislation, will only end up making the costs that much higher
especially when you consider that this “command and control” method works
hand in hand with the power companies- and not with the proponents of distributed power generation, or rooftop solar.

Already being the most heavily taxed and regulated state in the whole country,
this “feel good” bill only ended up making the problems worse, and led inexorably to the tragic state of affairs going on out in our desert wilderness, a
fact that our retread Governor MoonbeamBrown seems to relish with particular

Don’t forget he threatened to crush dissenters against the renewable energy
Crusade now going on in this state, and especially those that were against the
Ivanpah SEGS project.

Isn’t it amazing how the carbonmentalists with all their supposed good tendencies and their tolerance, turned out to be as crusty and hide bound as
the wackiest right or left wingers are? Are you starting to finally get the picture now?

I have said all along that this new environmentalism, this carbonmentalism, is just like a new religion with all its’ fanaticism and rigid dogma- the article referenced here earlier this year, "Confessions of a recovering environmentalist" should have driven that point home with absolute certainty.
That was something that the writers at the Hoover Institution could see coming as well.

Here is what I am saying to folks out there who consider themselves as activists
working to preserve the desert wilderness as it currently exists. We need to open our eyes to any possible friend or ally, no matter their political affiliation. On the backporch we don’t give a hoot if they be liberal or conservative, we don’t care what their skin color is, or who they worship, or if they don’t worship, all we care about is, how do they feel about saving the desert from the fate that is rapidly befalling it. Do they want to save it, or do they want to pave it over with mirrors and turbines?

Trust me, I am very aware of the arguments that can be made against this position, and I really don’t care. The Mojave and other deserts need all the friends they can get right now, no matter the motives of the advocates.

This climate change train has left the station, and it is building up a head of
steam, and it is really starting to look like the only way to stop the train is to
derail it.

Here are some links for further reading.

Our languishing public lands

Energy independence isn't very green

California's crazy climate policy

Just look it over with an open mind is all that I am suggesting.

As for me, if I have to consort with right wingers to save the desert, I will.

If I have to consort with the leftists to save the desert, I will.

If I have to meet with the Tea Party folks to save the desert, I will.


Interesting article at regarding Obama’s recent drop in the polls- due to high gas prices?

Go check it out here.

Out on the backporch, we have other ideas for the, to the pundits at least, puzzling drop in the president’s approval ratings.

We think that there really is nothing to be puzzled about, nothing to go talk
to the high powered political pollsters about. This is all normal and easy to understand- let me try to explain what is going on from a layman’s perspective.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If you can’t learn anything the first couple of times you are bamboozled, then the fault is all on you. You are the mark that the con artist is targeting, also known as a sucker
or a mooch.

This con artist in chief isn’t fooling me anymore, and hasn’t for a long time.

Here is a quick partial list of con games that he has run against the American
moochespeople since he has been elected, any of which are enough for me
not to vote for him again:

-not closing Guantanamo prison
-not trying the prisoners held at Gitmo in federal courts in this country
-giving himself the right to have American citizens assassinated here and
abroad without a trial
, it’s okay he’s the president
-escalating the drone and other wars against the brown and black peoples
of the world, all in the guise of stopping terrorism and “protecting the home-

-extending the tax cuts for the rich, and not doing a damned thing for the poor
-allowing torture to continue by the CIA and other government entities
-continuing and escalating the Bush bank bailouts and then not forcing them to lend the money out to businesses, but instead letting them take that taxpayer money and speculate in the commodity markets, leading directly to the gas price runup we are experiencing today
-not firing the head of the CFTC who thinks that government has no right to interfere with the “markets,” never mind the same CFTC broke the Hunt Brothers’ stranglehold and corner of the silver market decades ago
-escalating a war of choice in Afghanistan

There are other reasons for my feeling the way that I do about this president, these are enough to make my point- I will not vote again for this man, period.

As far as I am concerned, Barack Hoover Obama can go straight into history’s dustbin, with the other trash and rubbish.

Good riddance.



Sunday, March 11, 2012

Videos from Thursday’s desert mountain ridge hike. And a bonus video.

The other day I went back out to the windmill area off I-10 and Hwy 111 on the
way to Palm Springs, to get away from the crowds and see if I couldn’t get a
little higher up that staircase like ridge line which appears to head all the way
up near the summit of Mt. San Jacinto, and the wind almost blew me off the ridge, so I didn’t get too far.

Here are a few videos taken up there, a mini trip report with the photos taken
will be up soon. Oh, an interesting text came in from my brother commenting
on my almost being blown off by the wind- “you ain’t lost that much weight!”Sad smile

Desert ridge hike 2 from bill mcdonald on Vimeo.

On a ridge of Mt San Jacinto near the windmills off I-10 near Palm Springs. It was a very windy day and I almost got blown right off the ridge a couple of times.

Go ahead, try to walk down that slope.
Let’s go hiking.

Well I just discovered a glitch using Vimeo plugins with Windows Live Writer.
I cannot get the video to relocate below the one on the left, they both work so
just click on one to watch, then the other, or click both at the same time for the immersion experience!

Here is a bonus video and a link to the site where I found it. And yes, I am thinking about buying this three thousand dollar, body only camera.

Joy Ride from Sandro on Vimeo.

A film by Sandro shot with the Nikon D800.

Director: Sandro
Editor: Alaster Jordan / Whitehouse
Music: Yessian
Production: Cap Gun

View the Behind the Scenes Video shot by the Nikon Crew:

I must be losing my mind.



Thursday, March 8, 2012

John and Ken discuss the Blythe and Ivanpah solar “farms” on KFI640AM on 3/6/2012

You can listen to their discussion in the podcast which occurred about the 10:30 mark in the first hour.

John and Ken talk about Ivanpah and Blythe solar farms

The above link does not work with Mozilla Firefox, sorry, really as that is my favorite browser, but as tested by me, it will play in Internet Explorer, Safari,
Opera, and Google Chrome. I recommend that you right click with those
browsers to open in another tab, and listen while you read this, or other pages.

For a couple of talk radio hosts, they didn’t do too bad with this topic, although the take was slanted a little toward the conservatives out there. Of
course, I have had absolutely no problem with decrying the billions of dollars
of our money being poured down a rathole out there, all in the guise of stopping the new Satan, carbon buildup into the atmosphere, supposedly ending up with global warming and climate change.

They go into great detail with the kit fox situation and actually present it in an
unbiased matter, although one of them does make a snide comment about it,
somewhere in this recording.

All in all, not bad.

Many times, I have mentioned the need to get the average person involved, and
this just may be the ticket.

Along those lines, I have an idea, that I am sure will not be acted upon, but I
think it may not be a bad one. What our side needs to do, is to contact the producer of the John and Ken Show, and suggest that an in depth discussion might be in order between activists opposing the projects and advocates for the project, such as environmentalists for them, as well as folks from Bechtel
or BrightSource or Genesis. Perhaps native American activists or tribal leaders might show up as well.

These radio folks want entertainment, which will sell their ads, and we who
oppose these solar boondoggles need the exposure to the average person out
their who doesn’t know about the risks, but might be open to our ideas if they are put out there in an entertaining fashion. I can assure you, having called into this show before, that the hosts will try to put you on the spot, and have arguments, all for ratings and the commercial value.

No, I am not going to suggest myself as a participant.

But I know of two or three activists that are very knowledgeable and articulate
and would be great I feel in this venue. What I would give to hear the B.S’ers
put on the run, what great theatre!

Look, I know several important people in the movement stop by here from time to time. How would you like to be the ones to stick it to the Bechtel/BrightSource/Genesis/NRDC and other carbonmentalist shills?

I love it. This could really work. I am not knocking the “high brow” folks like
Patt Morrison or others similar, but sorry they don’t get enough listeners.
We need to get down and dirty in the arena with these shills, the sooner, the better. And I know some of you have rolodex’s, call the John and Ken Show,
I bet they’ll take the call.

Coming soon, my trip report of another desert hike today, where I almost got
blown of the mountain by the high winds. Here is a photographic preview.
030812pshike 039

Folks, I am not moderating comments here. I trust you guys not to get too
carried away. Feel free to tell me if you think this is a crackpot idea or not.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome to your Mojave Industrial Desert, brought to you by your governments, your environmentalists, and the industrialists.

From the mountaintops, down the playas and bajadas all the way to the badlands. You asked for it, and you got it. From 20+ story wind towers to
50+ story central receiving solar towers, to square mile after square mile of photovoltaic solar arrays and heliostatic mirror fields, to the hundreds of miles long transmission lines crossing here to for virgin wilderness, thousands of miles of new paved and dirt roads- it is all coming soon to a wilderness near
you. Enjoy the greenness- enjoy the feeling you get when you plug in your Prius, the power for it most likely in the future will be coming complements of
the soon to be extinct kit foxes and desert tortoises, plus many other rare plant
and animal denizens of the desert.

(Presently, of course, your Prius’s charge is complements of the gigantic so called clean coal power plants across state lines in other parts of the west-
so greens in California can say with a straight face that no coal is being burned in their state.)

All this and lots of cut up, or bludgeoned, or incinerated raptors and other bird
species will also be joining you(before they die) in the new green paradigm- going green, destroying the planet in order to save it- don’t you feel great knowing that you are about to be the recipient of all this greenness?

Yes, first up was the beautiful Ivanpah Valley, home to a golf course, which was the excuse the environmental carbonmentalist groups needed to sell it out to Wall Street and the government’s corporate welfare scheme renewable energy program scheme.

Some argued, such as this blog, that Ivanpah was the place to make a stand and stop the coming renewable energy steamroller, unfortunately having sold out it and their members, the environmental carbonmentalist groups sat around with their thumbs up a place where no solar rays dared to penetrate and did their devilish best to marginalize and ignore their activist base, which was calling for action, any action, to stop the outrage that was being perpetrated upon their desert wilderness.

Next was Blythe, where thousand year old intaglios of

Give it up Bill! Don’t you get it? Nobody cares. Period.

Give them what they want! Sex! Kardashians! Free swag! Winning lottery numbers!

Stop being so negative!

I’m going home.