Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finally shamed into follow through regarding missing blog videos plus the joy of commenting.

Some of you may recall that I recently lost it with Youtube and yanked down all
my videos. I promised at the time that I would move said videos to my Vimeo
account. By the way, I have made no progress toward that, at least not until tonight.

I received a nice comment regarding some missing videos which motivated me to put up the missing videos from that post tonight.

You can read the comment and my response and watch the videos by clicking

The main problem will be with the older posts, such as the ones with videos made at Ivanpah, pre- solar construction, as some of those were made using
Google’s Blogger and not Windows Live Writer which I use now.

There is a good possibility that those videos may have to be put on a special page dedicated for them on this blog, but I will try to replace them on the original pages first.

The title is correct. Although I am sure it wasn’t my commenter’s intent, I am ashamed at my lack of follow through.

There are a lot of videos to do, and I will try to do a few every other day or so.

I would like to thank anonymous for his gracious comment, feel free to comment anytime, and that goes to the rest of you reading this as well.

This blog while written by me, has been strengthened several times by reader comments- here is an example of what I am talking about. I was so impressed that I wrote about the comment in this October, 2010 post.

And by the way, that turned out to be my 2nd highest read post ever with this blog, all due to an interested reader co-participant in this blogging process.

I never enjoyed blogging more than the day that I wrote my share of that post.

Shame and exhilaration, all in one post today, I don’t think I can top this!


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