Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fry’s Electronics- Anaheim- customer “no service” 03272012 around 1030 am.

This morning I came across this online ad from their website.
ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 27 11.31

Two competing netbooks, something that I can really use after giving away my Asus Eeepad. I had to check the
reviews for the Lenovo(formerly known as IBM.)
Lenovo Thinkpad X120e Review

Having experienced first hand the dreaded HP power jack problem, I didn’t
consider the HP even though priced a Ben Franklin less than the Lenovo.

I was fired up, ready to buy, shaved and with a fresh haircut, I didn’t look
like a desert rat who had hiked on a ridgeline just the day before- and had
a Fry’s Electronics credit card in my pocket with a limit high enough to buy
virtually any computer that they had in the department- but do you think that
I got any service?

Hell no.

I walked the whole department looking for this netbook, even looking at one or
two full size laptops and was ignored. I spent almost 10 minutes with this particular unit, turning it around and even upside down, looking at all the features, played a video that was on its’ hard drive, and never got a single glance from the young salespeople order takers who were standing at their little
hangout area(the store cash register/computer at the front of the area by the aisle) only 2 netbooks away from where I was located waiting in vain for service.

This customer “no service” wasn’t the only problem that I found. I also looked for a Lenovo pad which they had advertised at a very good price- of course, the
paper card with the price on it was laying at the display area, but the unit itself was missing. Fry’s veteran shoppers will of course back me up on this surmise
of mine- mysteriously the lower priced items seem to be often missing, but the higher priced items are right there!

What is particularly galling about this whole episode is the fact that my friend,
Leroy Murray, a fellow blogger, and a damned good salesman who has done retail sales successfully, never even got a callback from Fry’s- he dropped off
an application at this very location a few months ago- and never heard back from them.

Obviously Fry’s would rather hire young(they will work cheap) order takers than to bring aboard someone that might actually sell somebody
something, that is the lesson that I took from that incident.

So what do you do about such incompetence? I take my cue from Billy Ray Valentine, noted financier, who said that “the best way to get even with rich
people is to turn them into poor people.” Hence my little post today. I am not so
egocentric that I believe telling about my experience will make a difference.
It won’t.

However, I will also be sending this as an email to their corporate office, prior
to posting, to whoever I can find an email address for in an upper management position, and my fondest wish would be that this would go downhill, and roll right into that computer section, where everyone seemed to be doing their best to ignore customers, and that they all will get religion, fast, and discover a truth
that in this case will be hard won, to make sales you have to interact with the customer- some customers are old fashioned like me, and will not beg
to be waited on so that they can spend their hard earned dough with folks
who act like they are just crap on their shoes- you dig?

I realize that I am just a small time blogger but have often said that I have had some influential visitors from time to time here. Just so you won’t think that I am
pulling your leg, here are a couple of such visitors from my weblogs, for your
perusal. This is presented strictly for information purposes only and not to brag.
ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 27 12.04

Or perhaps this one.
ScreenHunter_03 Mar. 27 12.07

Here is a copy of the email I will be sending to the Fry’s bosses as soon as I can, and prior to this post going online.
ScreenHunter_04 Mar. 27 12.47

Having been to this particular Fry’s many times, and been ignored many times, I guess I have finally had my fill with this customer “no service” and am using this venue to make that displeasure known.

Read it and weep. Then go to one of their many competitors and find someone who ain’t afraid to talk to you.


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