Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have had it with this Asus Eeepad.

The final straw tonight- understand the keyboard part of this device has two usb ports- was being unable to move
files from a usb stick inserted to the internal storage. At the time, I had 2 file manager apps installed, in addition
to the file manager that device comes with. Also there is no right click option with the touchpad, unlike Windows,
and it is not intuitive to try to figure this problem out.

So I reset this tablet and am starting over- sure is a good thing that I brought my Dell Inspiron- so I can maybe get some
work done while on this trip.

The plan behind the reason to purchase this device was to use it for an ereader, a music and video player, to use it to blog here,
and to do some basic photo editing possibly.

It has not worked out as all.

And I am about out of patience with this machine.

I was led to believe it was intuitive, not to me, it isn't.

Unless something changes fast, this thing is going bye bye and I will sell it for whatever I can get.

I cannot suggest that anyone buy this unless they are a total android expert.

I highly recommend that you do not buy this product until Asus makes it more intuitive.


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