Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Interesting article at Salon.com regarding Obama’s recent drop in the polls- due to high gas prices?

Go check it out here.

Out on the backporch, we have other ideas for the, to the pundits at least, puzzling drop in the president’s approval ratings.

We think that there really is nothing to be puzzled about, nothing to go talk
to the high powered political pollsters about. This is all normal and easy to understand- let me try to explain what is going on from a layman’s perspective.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If you can’t learn anything the first couple of times you are bamboozled, then the fault is all on you. You are the mark that the con artist is targeting, also known as a sucker
or a mooch.

This con artist in chief isn’t fooling me anymore, and hasn’t for a long time.

Here is a quick partial list of con games that he has run against the American
moochespeople since he has been elected, any of which are enough for me
not to vote for him again:

-not closing Guantanamo prison
-not trying the prisoners held at Gitmo in federal courts in this country
-giving himself the right to have American citizens assassinated here and
abroad without a trial
, it’s okay he’s the president
-escalating the drone and other wars against the brown and black peoples
of the world, all in the guise of stopping terrorism and “protecting the home-

-extending the tax cuts for the rich, and not doing a damned thing for the poor
-allowing torture to continue by the CIA and other government entities
-continuing and escalating the Bush bank bailouts and then not forcing them to lend the money out to businesses, but instead letting them take that taxpayer money and speculate in the commodity markets, leading directly to the gas price runup we are experiencing today
-not firing the head of the CFTC who thinks that government has no right to interfere with the “markets,” never mind the same CFTC broke the Hunt Brothers’ stranglehold and corner of the silver market decades ago
-escalating a war of choice in Afghanistan

There are other reasons for my feeling the way that I do about this president, these are enough to make my point- I will not vote again for this man, period.

As far as I am concerned, Barack Hoover Obama can go straight into history’s dustbin, with the other trash and rubbish.

Good riddance.



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