Thursday, March 8, 2012

John and Ken discuss the Blythe and Ivanpah solar “farms” on KFI640AM on 3/6/2012

You can listen to their discussion in the podcast which occurred about the 10:30 mark in the first hour.

John and Ken talk about Ivanpah and Blythe solar farms

The above link does not work with Mozilla Firefox, sorry, really as that is my favorite browser, but as tested by me, it will play in Internet Explorer, Safari,
Opera, and Google Chrome. I recommend that you right click with those
browsers to open in another tab, and listen while you read this, or other pages.

For a couple of talk radio hosts, they didn’t do too bad with this topic, although the take was slanted a little toward the conservatives out there. Of
course, I have had absolutely no problem with decrying the billions of dollars
of our money being poured down a rathole out there, all in the guise of stopping the new Satan, carbon buildup into the atmosphere, supposedly ending up with global warming and climate change.

They go into great detail with the kit fox situation and actually present it in an
unbiased matter, although one of them does make a snide comment about it,
somewhere in this recording.

All in all, not bad.

Many times, I have mentioned the need to get the average person involved, and
this just may be the ticket.

Along those lines, I have an idea, that I am sure will not be acted upon, but I
think it may not be a bad one. What our side needs to do, is to contact the producer of the John and Ken Show, and suggest that an in depth discussion might be in order between activists opposing the projects and advocates for the project, such as environmentalists for them, as well as folks from Bechtel
or BrightSource or Genesis. Perhaps native American activists or tribal leaders might show up as well.

These radio folks want entertainment, which will sell their ads, and we who
oppose these solar boondoggles need the exposure to the average person out
their who doesn’t know about the risks, but might be open to our ideas if they are put out there in an entertaining fashion. I can assure you, having called into this show before, that the hosts will try to put you on the spot, and have arguments, all for ratings and the commercial value.

No, I am not going to suggest myself as a participant.

But I know of two or three activists that are very knowledgeable and articulate
and would be great I feel in this venue. What I would give to hear the B.S’ers
put on the run, what great theatre!

Look, I know several important people in the movement stop by here from time to time. How would you like to be the ones to stick it to the Bechtel/BrightSource/Genesis/NRDC and other carbonmentalist shills?

I love it. This could really work. I am not knocking the “high brow” folks like
Patt Morrison or others similar, but sorry they don’t get enough listeners.
We need to get down and dirty in the arena with these shills, the sooner, the better. And I know some of you have rolodex’s, call the John and Ken Show,
I bet they’ll take the call.

Coming soon, my trip report of another desert hike today, where I almost got
blown of the mountain by the high winds. Here is a photographic preview.
030812pshike 039

Folks, I am not moderating comments here. I trust you guys not to get too
carried away. Feel free to tell me if you think this is a crackpot idea or not.


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