Monday, March 26, 2012

Last day of my vacation, so I went out by the windmills to hike and check out a new camera(to me.)

Same destination near I-10 and Hwy 111 and the windmills, today 4.3 miles
in the wind, with a 500 foot drop on a jeep trail down the sandy mountainside.
All photographs shot with a Fujifilm Finepix S2950 digicam.
032612pshike 005

032612pshike 007

The above photo is taken at the maximum wideangle. Can you spot the Morongomobile?
032612pshike 008

The Morongomobile above at the maximum 18X zoom, equivalent to 500 mm, with image stabilization on.
032612pshike 013

The jeep trail I ended up going down is to the far left of this photo. Mt. San Jacinto is in the background.
032612pshike 014

I still think that this is a native American trail from centuries ago, the Pacific Crest Trail runs at the base of this ridge
at this point on the left side of the photo.
032612pshike 017

Another view of the trail.
032612pshike 010

Pretty steep walk up that switchback road in the distance on that hillside.
Below is the shot of the day using the camera’s builtin panorama mode.
032612pshike 018

Below is the hillside that I came down, almost straight down, so slowly and carefully in the loose sand that my
Garmin GPS said I wasn’t moving.
032612pshike 023
Below is the last panoramic shot as I was almost back to my car.

032612pshike 028

The last 10 days, I have had my share and fill of rain and thunderstorms.
This morning it was choppy weather in the OC and it was overcast almost all the way out to the desert. Most of the day out there, clouds were built up over the mountain. I probably would have been better off doing less hiking and
more photography, but after being cooped up so much the last few days, I
just had to get out there and do some walking up and down the hills- surprisingly my legs and feet feel pretty good right now, considering how much
they were used today.

It was real good to get out the last few days, and to get away from the Disneyland area, but my time is up, and that is where I will be tomorrow. My
new days off are back to Sundays and Mondays, maybe I will catch up with
you out on the trail!


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