Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Maybe desert preservationists should take their friends wherever they can find them.

There was a story today in the Guzzler entitled "Free the American West."
It was written by Robert H. Nelson, and appeared in the Hoover Institution’s
Policy Review magazine in February, 2012.

Now dear readers, you are surely aware that I am liberal in my political beliefs,
and you may not be aware that the Hoover Institution is unabashedly conservative, home to such pundits as Thomas Sowell, among others.

I confess that I read the above article with a jaundiced eye but decided to
further investigate by going to the original article from the magazine and also
doing further research in the Hoover Institution’s archives.

What I found blew me away.

I found some kindred souls who evidently don’t believe the carbonmentalist’s
claims any more than I do, and who also saw the renewable energy boon-
doggle as a lot of desert activists did, as just another way to enrich campaign supporters and Wall Street.

Another interesting point of view that never occurred to me was their take on the
California renewable energy bill, AB 32; you know the one that requires that the state get a large share of its’ energy from renewable sources, said bill leading directly to the raping of the California desert wilderness, along with
huge financial and regulatory help from the federal government.

California attempted to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by implementing this AB 32, unfortunately, this unilateral action has no effect on any other government anywhere in the world, including China which is building
coal fired plants like there is no tomorrow, and of course the smog they produce will blow right across the ocean, you guessed it, to the Golden State. Cynics might also note that most of the solar panels required by AB 32 will most likely end up being made--- you guessed it, in China, so they’ll have it both ways. They will sell us the solar panels to help alleviate the global warming caused by the smog that they produced in the first place.

California, on the other hand, as the Hoover Institution writers point out, with this draconian legislation, will only end up making the costs that much higher
especially when you consider that this “command and control” method works
hand in hand with the power companies- and not with the proponents of distributed power generation, or rooftop solar.

Already being the most heavily taxed and regulated state in the whole country,
this “feel good” bill only ended up making the problems worse, and led inexorably to the tragic state of affairs going on out in our desert wilderness, a
fact that our retread Governor MoonbeamBrown seems to relish with particular

Don’t forget he threatened to crush dissenters against the renewable energy
Crusade now going on in this state, and especially those that were against the
Ivanpah SEGS project.

Isn’t it amazing how the carbonmentalists with all their supposed good tendencies and their tolerance, turned out to be as crusty and hide bound as
the wackiest right or left wingers are? Are you starting to finally get the picture now?

I have said all along that this new environmentalism, this carbonmentalism, is just like a new religion with all its’ fanaticism and rigid dogma- the article referenced here earlier this year, "Confessions of a recovering environmentalist" should have driven that point home with absolute certainty.
That was something that the writers at the Hoover Institution could see coming as well.

Here is what I am saying to folks out there who consider themselves as activists
working to preserve the desert wilderness as it currently exists. We need to open our eyes to any possible friend or ally, no matter their political affiliation. On the backporch we don’t give a hoot if they be liberal or conservative, we don’t care what their skin color is, or who they worship, or if they don’t worship, all we care about is, how do they feel about saving the desert from the fate that is rapidly befalling it. Do they want to save it, or do they want to pave it over with mirrors and turbines?

Trust me, I am very aware of the arguments that can be made against this position, and I really don’t care. The Mojave and other deserts need all the friends they can get right now, no matter the motives of the advocates.

This climate change train has left the station, and it is building up a head of
steam, and it is really starting to look like the only way to stop the train is to
derail it.

Here are some links for further reading.

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Just look it over with an open mind is all that I am suggesting.

As for me, if I have to consort with right wingers to save the desert, I will.

If I have to consort with the leftists to save the desert, I will.

If I have to meet with the Tea Party folks to save the desert, I will.


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