Saturday, March 31, 2012

Prominent environmental activist, Sandra Steingraber, leaves the Sierra Club- turns out the deserts aren’t the only thing the Sierra Club’s national leadership betrayed.

Another day, another controversy involving those paragons of carbonmentalist
, Michael Brune and the Sierra Club leadership. Now their lies have driven off one of their main supporters, Sandra Steingraber, a long time activist against natural gas fracking, especially as it regards the Marcellus Shale along the New York and Pennsylvania border.

Ms. Steingraber has written an eloquent and moving piece over at Orion Magazine, my new favorite magazine, which can be read in its entirety here or
at the Commondreams site. I strongly suggest you read that piece before
continuing here. Go ahead, we will wait for you.

Here are a few links which discuss this latest Sierra Club misstep into the dunghill that is corporate donorship. Note the mea culpa article written by
the new head honcho at the Sierra Club, Michael Brune, followed by articles
which call him out- is Brune a liar, or did he just forget the $25,000,000
already received prior to the $26,000,000 he writes about?

Why the Sierra Club turned down $26 million in contributions from natural gas interests

Sierra Club Tells Members – We Don’t Take Money from Chesapeake Energy – When in Fact They Took $25 Million

The last is the Time Magazine exclusive investigative report on this issue.

My first reaction after reading the resignation letter and then the 3 other articles
is that John Muir and Rachel Carson must be rolling over in their graves now at
these further revelations regarding the Sierra Club.

I have written repeatedly my views about this modern leadership of the Sierra Club, which you can discover by using the Search box to the left- insert brune
or Pope or Zichella among other search terms to check it out- I won’t bore
everyone else by repeating those arguments here, except to say that before I
argued that they were helping to kill a complete functioning desert ecosystem,
now they have graduated to helping the natural gas interests destroy the water table used by their fellow human beings, those that live in areas where fracking occurs. Strong words, you betcha! Do I believe them, absolutely! Will anyone else listen or care? Hell no!

Actually the legal department at the SC or at the fracking industry might be interested, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Let me put this out there for your consideration. A few times I have written here
that the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council had their
insiders placed in high places when and where the regulations were being written to facilitate the industrialization of the Mojave and other deserts for the
purpose of using them for renewable energy production. No one has refuted those charges, probably due to the fact that you can find the names on the rosters at the time. You look at what all has happened since then, how things
have worked out, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure it out.

Now we find out that the “ultimate insider,” Brune was in on the donations scam
involving the natural gas fracking interests- why take the donations? What schemes were being cooked up in Sierra Club headquarters? Maybe he didn’t
solicit the “donations” but he sure didn’t own up to them, did he? We found out
from Time Magazine didn’t we?

You know these large environmental groups remind me of an onion. When you peel away at the outer layers, unlike in a real onion, you get into a pretty sordid
mess inside that is not viewable from the outside or by the membership, rank and file, of the organization. Again, though, I ask the question- do the average members even give a damn about this latest imbroglio, if in fact they have heard of it?

I am not so sure that they even care.

We are now in the midst of a great building going on out in the desert wilderness that is the southwest. I haven’t heard or seen too many complaints
coming from rank and file enviro group members. When I come across comments to web articles I usually see them parroting the line from headquarters about the dangers of climate change and sacrifices being required.

So in my mind, these folks are also part of the problem, and not the solution,
vis a vis saving the deserts from its fate that was preplanned and preordained by the leadership of the very environmental groups that they are so proud to belong to.

Time will tell, if that attitude will be manifested this time around. This new issue will directly affect some of these folks, I believe. Last time I looked, nobody was living out on the Ivanpah or Blythe sites, human I mean, but lots of folks live
where fracking is going on- what will it take to get them “fired up” about the dangers that they are going to living with, from now on into the forseeable future? Or again, will they not care?

Part of me says as long as they can buy bottled water, and have power to run their Xbox, they won’t care.

I hope that cynical part of me is wrong this time around.


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