Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome to your Mojave Industrial Desert, brought to you by your governments, your environmentalists, and the industrialists.

From the mountaintops, down the playas and bajadas all the way to the badlands. You asked for it, and you got it. From 20+ story wind towers to
50+ story central receiving solar towers, to square mile after square mile of photovoltaic solar arrays and heliostatic mirror fields, to the hundreds of miles long transmission lines crossing here to for virgin wilderness, thousands of miles of new paved and dirt roads- it is all coming soon to a wilderness near
you. Enjoy the greenness- enjoy the feeling you get when you plug in your Prius, the power for it most likely in the future will be coming complements of
the soon to be extinct kit foxes and desert tortoises, plus many other rare plant
and animal denizens of the desert.

(Presently, of course, your Prius’s charge is complements of the gigantic so called clean coal power plants across state lines in other parts of the west-
so greens in California can say with a straight face that no coal is being burned in their state.)

All this and lots of cut up, or bludgeoned, or incinerated raptors and other bird
species will also be joining you(before they die) in the new green paradigm- going green, destroying the planet in order to save it- don’t you feel great knowing that you are about to be the recipient of all this greenness?

Yes, first up was the beautiful Ivanpah Valley, home to a golf course, which was the excuse the environmental carbonmentalist groups needed to sell it out to Wall Street and the government’s corporate welfare scheme renewable energy program scheme.

Some argued, such as this blog, that Ivanpah was the place to make a stand and stop the coming renewable energy steamroller, unfortunately having sold out it and their members, the environmental carbonmentalist groups sat around with their thumbs up a place where no solar rays dared to penetrate and did their devilish best to marginalize and ignore their activist base, which was calling for action, any action, to stop the outrage that was being perpetrated upon their desert wilderness.

Next was Blythe, where thousand year old intaglios of

Give it up Bill! Don’t you get it? Nobody cares. Period.

Give them what they want! Sex! Kardashians! Free swag! Winning lottery numbers!

Stop being so negative!

I’m going home.



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